The Ultimate Guide to Finding Effective Wildlife Control Near You

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Effective Wildlife Control Near You Wildlife can be a fascinating part of our natural environment, but when they invade our homes and yards, they can become a major nuisance. From raccoons and squirrels to snakes and bats, unwanted wildlife can cause property damage, pose health risks, and stress homeowners. This guide will help you find … Read More

How to Safely and Effectively Remove Raccoons from Your Property

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Raccoons are familiar visitors to residential areas, and while they may look cute and cuddly, they can cause significant damage to your property and pose health risks to humans and pets. In this article, we’ll discuss how to safely and effectively remove raccoons from your property, and what to look for in a professional raccoon removal service. Signs of Raccoon … Read More

Trapping Iguanas: A Guide to Removing Invasive Iguanas in Florida

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Iguanas are fascinating creatures, but they can cause many problems when they become invasive. In Florida, iguanas are considered an invasive species, and their presence can damage property, spread disease, and disrupt the ecosystem. Suppose you’re dealing with an iguana problem in your yard or home. In that case, you may wonder how to trap these creatures safely and effectively. … Read More

Boca Raton Iguana Control: Everything You Need to Know

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Iguanas are a common sight in Boca Raton and throughout Florida. While these reptiles can be fascinating to observe in the wild, they can also become a nuisance when they invade residential or commercial properties. In this article, we’ll explore the issue of Boca Raton iguana control and share everything you need to know about managing these pests. Identifying Iguanas … Read More

Animal in Attic Removal Cost in 2020

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How Much Does it Cost to Remove Wildlife from your Attic? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an average standard price in professional control for nuisance wildlife. It’s like asking for the average cost to repair your cars in some ways. There are no right answers, and every job is very different. Also, different companies will charge different rates … Read More

Squirrel Poop vs Rat Poop (2022)

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Squirrel Poop vs Rat Poop

Squirrel Poop and Rat Poop: What are the differences? When you think about the difference between squirrel poop and rat droppings, it’s not the ideal pass time. Regardless, if you’ve noticed animal droppings in your home, you are best off being able to identify what type of feces is present. It would be best if you distinguished between rat droppings … Read More

Snake Removal Services (2019)

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How Much Does Snake Removal Cost? Snake removal cost varies depending on the situation. The best thing is that if you only have a snake on your property and not in your home, then you may not need to have it removed. Snakes have their benefits, like offering protection against several pests. Nevertheless, if the snake if poisonous, the chances … Read More

How to Get Rid of Bats (Recommended)

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How to Get Rid of Bats in Attic? Bats are not a flying mouse or rat; they are small furry creatures that have wings. Bats are continually searching for locations to roost, and in some cases, this could mean your home. Places of interest include attics and chimneys. While bats play an essential role when it comes to the ecosystem, … Read More

Recommended Wildlife Removal & Animal Control Services in Delray Beach (2019)

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Preferred Wildlife Removal Services in Palm Beach County When you have critters that need to be removed, you can rely on Wildlife Removal Services of Florida for fast & reliable animal control service 365 days a year. We humanely and effectively trap and remove nuisance animals for residences and businesses across Broward County and Palm Beach County.”— Patrick Barry It … Read More