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Snake Removal In South Florida

So you’ve seen a snake (or two or three) in your yard, garage, shed or heaven forbid – your home. What do you do? In most cases, the snake sighting is likely a one-time occurrence. However, if you see a nest of snakes or think you have a snake infestation on your property, the wisest thing to do is to let a professional handle your snake control problem in Boca Raton and the surrounding communities.

At Wildlife Removal Services, Inc., we know how to safely handle all types of snakes, and we can remove them for you in a humane manner. As a full-service wildlife removal company serving Palm Beach County,

Snake Removal Broward County, and Boca Raton in South Florida, we offer comprehensive snake control, infestation removal, trapping, exterminator, and prevention services. We can:

  • Install snake traps
  • Perform habitat modification filling snake holes under foundations and in landscaping with black foam
  • Inspect your home and seal up all possible entry points to prevent snakes from getting inside
  • Remove all snakes we can find
  • Come back to remove snakes caught in traps
  • Offer emergency snake removal at any hour
  • Educate you about the types of snakes most commonly found in South Florida to help you identify them when you see one

Call Wildlife Removal Services today at (561)212-9255 to discuss your snake problem and schedule an on-site consultation for snake control in Boca Raton and the surrounding communities. If it slithers, we can get rid of it!

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About Snakes in South Florida

Water Moccasin Removal | Snake Removal

If you are deathly afraid of snakes, you are not alone! Snakes are one of the most feared creatures on earth, probably because they get such a bad rap in the media. Most of the time on TV or in the movies, snakes are portrayed as lethal killing machines. In reality, the vast majority of snakes are harmless, afraid of people and actually good for the environment.

Indeed, snakes are extremely important to ecosystems around the world and should be respected rather than feared. As predators, snakes mainly eat insects, rats, mice, birds, frogs, fish or even other types of snakes, including venomous ones. They help control rodent populations hat can spread disease to humans, so think about that before blindly killing a snake.

In Florida, there are approximately 50 species of snakes, 34 of which inhabit South Florida, including Palm Beach County and Broward County. However, only six species are venomous, and four of these can be found in South Florida: Eastern diamond-backed rattlesnake, pygmy rattlesnake, cottonmouth (water moccasin) and coral snake.

Snake Backyard Removal

The most common snake that we deal with at Wildlife Removal Services is the Florida black racer snake. It’s a thin, fast, black snake with a white belly. We also commonly deal with yellow rat snakes, corn snakes, banded water snakes, garter snakes, and ringneck snakes.

To identify what type of snake you have seen, note the type of markings (or lack thereof) the snake has. Does it have diamonds, blotches, bands or rings, lengthwise stripes, or is it a mostly solid color without any obvious markings?

If you come across a snake and you’re not sure what kind it is or whether it is venomous, it’s best to leave the snake alone! Contrary to popular belief, most snakes will not bother you and do not deliberately set out to harm humans or their pets. In fact, snakes will typically retreat when approached by humans. Snakes usually only bite in defense when they are disturbed – that is, when someone tries to capture a snake by hand.

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Trap and Remove Snakes from Your Home or Property


Snake Removal Trap When we get a call to remove a snake, the reptile has usually been spotted inside the house, garage, or screened-in porch; under a deck or shed; in a swimming pool; or in the yard or garden. There are two main ways to get rid of any snakes you find:

1. Buy a snake trap: If you’re the do-it-yourself type, you can buy a snake trap. The ones we sell are a highly effective, humane way to trap and remove snakes from your home or yard. This glue-based trap lures snakes into it with the scent of rat urine. You may not like it, but trust us, snakes sure do! Once they slither inside, the adhesive on the floor of the trap will hold the snake in place until you can remove it. When you capture a snake, take it to another location away from your home and neighborhood, spray a non-toxic slippery substance inside the trap (like a cooking oil spray or baby oil), stand back and wait for the snake to free itself. It usually only takes a few minutes.

2. Call Wildlife Removal Services: If you don’t know where to put the traps or you don’t want to deal with it yourself, you can call us for snake control services in the Boca Raton area at (561)212-9255 and we can inspect your home or property to find where the snakes are coming from and install one or more snake traps for you.

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How to Prevent Snakes from Getting into Your Home or Nesting in Your Yard

Poisonous Snake Removal Seal entry points to your house: Snakes only need a tiny space to enter your home, such as gaps under doors or windows. That’s why it’s important to make sure these structures have adequate weather stripping around them and to seal other entry points around the foundation of your home, preferably with polyurethane foam or mesh screening. If you have a deck attached to your house or a shed or gazebo on your property, secure the perimeter with steel mesh screening as a barrier for snakes (as well as rats, opossums, raccoons, moles, and other nuisance wildlife).

Clean up your yard: Snakes generally like to slither where they can’t be seen, such as in tall grass or overgrown gardens, piles of leaves or bricks, bushes, shrubs and hedges. To keep snakes from taking a liking to your property, keep your grass cut short – especially against walls, keep hedges and bushes trimmed back and thinned out near the ground and get rid of piles of debris like wood, rocks, bricks, leaves, etc.

Snakes In Yard | Snake Removal

Get rid of their food source: Since snakes really like to feast on rodents, their presence in your home might mean that you also have a rat problem. If you do, the experts at Wildlife Removal Services can permanently get rid of rats in your home or business and make your home much less attractive for hungry predators like snakes.

Put up a snake fence: While not guaranteed to keep snakes away, some people find success using a fence. A heavy gauge, galvanized wire mesh fencing is best. Since this option can get expensive, most people use it to fence off a small area, such as an area for children or dogs to play in.

What about snake repellents? Three words for you: Waste of money! In all our years of experience, we have found that commercially-available snake repellents aren’t the LEAST bit effective at getting rid of snakes. Don’t believe the claims and don’t waste your time or money on this garbage!

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Why Hire Wildlife Removal Services for Your Snake Infestation Problem in Palm Beach County?

Catching Snakes | Snake Removal We Are Experts at Snake Control

At Wildlife Removal Services, we are Boca Raton’s snake control experts for Broward County and Palm Beach County. We have years of experience identifying and handling both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. Every day we trap and remove snakes and snake infestations from homes, buildings and land throughout Palm Beach and Broward County in South Florida.

We Get Rid of Snakes Humanely

If you want to solve your snake problem, call Wildlife Removal Services at (561)212-9255. If snakes are in your home, we will inspect your house, seal entry points, set traps to lure the snakes inside, and return to remove them without killing them. This will get rid of snakes in your home permanently. If they are in your yard or garden, we can find their most likely hiding places and seal them with foam, forcing them to find a new home elsewhere. Also setting traps is a great way to prevent them from hanging out on your property.

Wildlife Removal Services is fully licensed and insured, and we offer 24/7 service for residential and commercial customers. Call us today for a FREE no obligation estimate or submit the contact form. We’ll come to your home or business and create a plan to solve your snake problem. We always guarantee our work and have very fair pricing.