Wildlife Removal Prices

In the field of wildlife removal, every job is different:
From the type of animal, the damage they have done, the area of your home or building they are in, and so on, all these details are factored into the price.

One quick call is all it takes:
Simply call us at (561) 212-9255, tell us your problem, and we will provide you a price estimate on the spot. You then schedule an appointment with many same day time slots available and we take it from there.

Complex animal removal situations:
If the animal removal is a complex matter outside of what we typically see here in the South Florida area, a final price can’t be quoted until a full on-site inspection of your home or office building has been evaluated.

We are very conscious of cost concerns:
We provide an excellent value for the great customer service we provide. Our methods always result in a permanent solution, Be aware that failure to address the problem could wind up far more costly – animals cause damage, and the longer the problem is not addressed, the worse the damage can become.

boca raton bat removalDon’t trust just any one:
Advanced Training: Wildlife removal is a highly complex field, requiring several years’ worth of training before you are recognized as a true expert.

State of the art Equipment: Each of our service trucks are equipped with all the necessary tools needed to properly capture and removal of the animal. Our truck have dozens of different types of traps and tools, from large cage traps, to excluder funnels, to snake tongs, to snare poles, and so on.

Liability Insurance: We carry liability insurance, to protect you & ourselves against possible accidents or damage inherent in dealing with the risks of climbing on roofs, in attics, dealing with unpredictable wildlife, etc.

Licensing & Certification: Wildlife removal is regulated by special laws issued by the Florida Wildlife, Fish & Game commissions, as well as Florida departments of agriculture. In addition, our technicians have all applicable Florida and Boca Raton business licenses.

Danger & Risks: This is a dangerous industry, involving extensive ladder work, work on roofs, inside attics, under homes, etc. Not to mention the risk of handling wild animals, which can injure or transmit a variety of potentially lethal diseases.

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