How Much Does Snake Removal Cost In Palm Beach Fl?

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The short answer is: depends on a few factors. Read on for a better idea of what the cost of snake removal is and what you can expect.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Snake Removal

Type of snake being removed:How Much Does Snake Removal Cost In Palm Beach Fl?

Snakes can be non-venomous or venomous. Basically, poisonous snakes are more expensive to deal with because we faces greater risks when removing them. This is as compared to having to deal with non-venomous snakes, which of little to no risk at all to remove. More often than not, removing a venomous snake is slightly higher price than removing a non-venomous snake but other factors including difficulty of the removal can affect the price as well.

Difficulty of removal affects the cost:

Some snake removals are more difficult than the others. For instance, getting a snake out of a interior wall or crawlspace will be more difficult as compared to a snake lying under a pile of wood. Hence, the price of snake removal varies depending on the difficulty level of the removal.

How Much Does Snake Removal Cost In Palm Beach Fl?Inspection service is part of the quote:

Usually, the trapping of the snake is not the hardest part. It actually is the inspection where we will search for snakes on your property that is the hardest part of our service. The harder it is to search for the snakes, the more expensive the service can be. So if the property is extremely large and the snakes live in hard-to-reach areas, the cost of snake removal services can be increase. Other factors that affect the difficulty of an inspection may be under-house searching or having to climb a roof top to perform the search.

What will be included in the price for a snake removal quote:

  • Our initial inspection to determine the scope of the problem including identifying entry points to the home for the snake
  • Whether there are any baby snakes close by
  • We will explain how the snake will be trapped
  • What will happen to the snake after it’s captured, i.e. catch and release or exterminate
  • What needs to be done to make your home more snake-proof and prevent future entry

There are 3 main principles to consider when shopping price:

1) Snake removal is highly specialized work, with unique licensing and liability risks.
2) Like all products and services you usually do get what you pay for.
3) There is no one-price-fits-all. It doesn’t work that way, every snake job is different.


What Can You Expect When Hiring Wildlife Removal Services for Your Snake Removal Needs?

  • We will inspect your premises to identify entry points, the type of snake in question, the number of snakes present, and the overall scope of the problem
  • We will devise a cost effective plan on how the snake will be trapped
  • We will decide whether to trap the snake and relocate it humanly or trap and dispose
  • We will suggest plans on how the home will be snake-proof

What Are Your Snake Removal Service Areas?

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