10 Reasons Why Iguanas are a Problem for Residents and Businesses

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Why Iguanas are a Problem for Residents and Businesses With their growing numbers, iguanas have become a nuisance to residents living on the island of Palm Beach. Wildlife Removal Services of Florida has seen an increase in iguana calls from customers that live on this South Florida barrier island. Wildlife Removal Services of Florida is the premier provider of wildlife … Read More

Coyote Trapping & Removal in Palm Beach County

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coyote trapping and removal services

Why is Coyote Trapping & Removal Important? Coyotes are a carnivorous wild canine that most resembles a domesticated dog. They are found throughout North America and have made sunny South Florida their home over the past few decades. Coyotes are larger than foxes but smaller than wolves. They are able to adapt to many environments, mostly because of humans encroaching … Read More

Fox Trapping & Removal in Palm Beach County

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fox removal service

Fox Trapping & Removal Services If you see foxes near your home and are wondering if they are attracted to your property, keep an eye out for any new holes in your yard that could be a new burrow, and try to eliminate any leftovers such as food, drinks, or pet food before dusk. 1. The Best Fox Removal is … Read More

Why Peacock Removal is needed in Palm Beach County

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Peacock Removal Service

Why Peacock Trapping & Removal is Needed There has been an increase in home disturbances within the South Florida area due to a drastic rise in the peacock population, disturbing the peace, and causing havoc for homeowners and businesses alike. Because of these rising disturbances, the Broward and Palm Beach County areas have seen a rise in the demand for … Read More

Finding Bat Removal and Cleanup Near Me (2020)

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Bat Removal and Cleanup

Bat Removal and Cleanup Bats serve a significant role in many ecosystems as the primary predators of flying insects. With fewer and fewer caves and trees to call home in natural habitats. Many bats are migrating closer to social structures. While bats are essential to the circle of life, they can also carry rabies and other infectious diseases or bacteria. … Read More

Bat Mating Season: What to do and when!

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bat infestation in roof tiles

Removing Bat Infestations After August 15th If you think bats are living in your office building or home, now is the time to check your attic, eaves, chimney, and roof tiles. You will soon be able to take action to remove and exclude them. Bat mating season starts April 15 and extends through August 15, and during this time, it’s … Read More

Finding the Best Snake Removal Services in Boca Raton

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snake removal services near me

Snakes create fear in many people that few other animals can match. Even many animals seem to view snake as threatening, and even birds and monkeys in the wild have a unique vocalization for alerting when a snake is seen. Snakes can suffer from changes in habitat. Isolation when their natural land is broken up by development, they can’t easily … Read More

Prevent Iguana Infestations from Damaging your Landscaping and Flowering Plants

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prevent iguana infestations

Iguanas may seem like a cool reptile to those living in colder climates, but if you live in a tropical environment where Iguanas roam freely. You can quickly see the damage to landscaping and vegetation that is caused by the wild iguanas, and the necessity of Iguana control services to prevent the potential thousands of dollars in damage to landscaping … Read More