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Dead Animal Removal

How to Get Rid of Dead Animals

Dead Animal Removal: What We Do

H Dead Animal Removal ave you noticed a foul stench in your house or building but you don’t know where it’s coming from? Chances are it’s a dead animal or rat smell, with the carcass rotting away somewhere. It could be in your attic, inside a wall, under the house, or elsewhere. It could be a dead rat, a dead opossum, who knows?

You basically have three choices. You can:

1. Wait out the odor as the body slowly decomposes (if you have the stomach for it)
2. Look for the culprit yourself
3. Call a professional like Wildlife Removal Services, Inc. for dead animal removal to find and get rid of the carcass and smell

As a full-service wildlife removal company serving Palm Beach County and Broward County in South Florida, we can get rid of dead animals as easily as we get rid of live ones for you. We are experts at locating and removing the source of the dead animal smell from you home in the Boca Raton area, as well as Broward County and Palm Beach County. If we have to cut a hole in the ceiling or wall to get at the animal, we will. We’ll help you determine if you need an attic restoration to get rid of all the body fluids and maggots and thoroughly clean and deodorize the area. Get rid of that stink once and for all!

Dead animal removal in Boca Raton and the rest of southeast Florida is a nasty business, but somebody’s got to do it, so you might as well leave the dirty work to us. If you suspect you have a dead animal rotting away in your home or place of business, call Wildlife Removal Services today at (561)212-9255 and schedule an appointment.

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Remove Dead Animals from Your Home or Business

Dead Iguana found in drain If you have critters living in your attic or under your home or business, there’s a chance one or more of them could die inside, especially if you have used poison to eradicate rats. We’ve seen all kinds of dead wildlife inside homes and businesses throughout Palm Beach County and Broward County, including rats, possums, raccoons, squirrels, birds and more.

The biggest clue that you have a dead animal on your hands is the smell – the stench can permeate your home and literally make your stomach churn. The most common places we find dead animals are in the attic, inside walls, and underneath homes, like in a crawl space or under an enclosed porch. We’ve also removed dead animals from chimneys, ducts and vents. In addition, we get calls from business owners to remove dead animals from parking lots so it doesn’t gross out customers!


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Get Rid of Dead Animals in the Attic

Dead Squirrel Removal There are many types of wildlife that can get into your attic and make your home their home. In Palm Beach and Broward County, we most commonly find rats, opossums, raccoons, bats, squirrels, and pigeons in attics. But what happens if they die here?

You’ll know – the odor a dead animal produces is unmistakable. You can smell it inside the house, and the stench is usually strongest in the room located directly below the carcass.

Dead animal removal in the attic of your Boca Raton home can be easy or difficult. If the animal dies in plain view, on a bare part of the floor that’s easy to get to, consider yourself lucky. Many times, however, the animal has crawled into a tiny, invisible crevice or to the edge of the attic, or worse yet, is buried somewhere in the insulation. All of these circumstances make it quite difficult to find the rotting carcass. And the problem can be compounded if the attic is hard to get around in or has areas we can’t access.

The most common dead animal we see in attics is rats, especially when homeowners use rat poison, which is one reason why we suggest that you NEVER use poison to solve your rat problem.

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Dead Animal in the Wall

When rats, possums, squirrels, and baby raccoons, get into your attic, they may fall down a wall and not be able to crawl back up (drywall is smooth and hard to climb). If you ever hear scratching or scurrying at the base of your wall, you will likely be calling a professional to remove it sooner or later. Sooner if you want to take care of your wildlife problem while the culprit is still alive or later if you want to wait until the smell from the rotting carcass is so bad you can’t stand it anymore.

Animals that fall down a wall will usually die near the baseboards or a support beam. To find the culprit, we simply sniff the base of the wall until we pinpoint the area of the dead animal or rat smell, which we can do with great accuracy. We have years of experience doing this, and we know a dead animal when we smell one! We will then cut a hole in the drywall to remove the body.

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Dead Animal under the House

In South Florida, larger animals such as raccoons, opossums, and skunks will take up residence in the crawl space under elevated houses or under an enclosed porch, and sometimes they will die there. The stench from larger animals is typically stronger than that from smaller animals and lasts longer, too – for several weeks or even up to two months – yikes! Most people do not want to tackle this dead animal smell problem in their Boca Raton home and hire a professional like Wildlife Removal Services to get rid of the dead animal.

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Cleaning Up after Getting Rid of a Dead Animal: Attic Restoration

dead animal attic restoration If soiled insulation has been left behind, we will determine if you need attic restoration:

1. Remove insulation and all droppings
2. Sanitize the cleaned attic
3. Deodorize
4. Blow the new R-30 rated insulation (we use only top rated products and offer both open and closed cell foam insulation)

Learn more about attic restoration here.

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Why Hire Wildlife Removal Services for Dead Animal Removal?

Wildlife Removal Services can quickly and safely remove dead animal remains from any location within your home, business or property. But the question remains – how did the animal get in your house and are there more of them?

We can determine if you have an infestation, get rid of your nuisance wildlife problem and prevent the animals from getting back into your house. With our vast knowledge of wildlife behavior and building construction, we will inspect your house or building, find every possible entry point, and seal them all up. Then we can start the trapping and/or removal process.

Wildlife Removal Services is fully licensed and insured, and we offer 24/7 service for residential and commercial customers. Call us today at (561)212-9255 for a FREE no obligation estimate on dead animal removal and other services in Boca Raton, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. We’ll come to your home or office and take care of your dead (or live) animal problem. We always guarantee our work and have very fair pricing.