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Getting Rid of Foxes from your Property

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Fox Trapping & Removal Services

If you see foxes near your home and are wondering if they are attracted to your property, keep an eye out for any new holes in your yard that could be a new burrow, and try to eliminate any leftovers such as food, drinks, or pet food before dusk.

1. The Best Fox Removal is Prevention

Clear out and remove any wood piles or brush piles or any other form of cover a fox could use. Prune your bushes and shrubbery if they are overgrown and unruly. Repair any broken infrastructure such as windows, screen doors, or regular doors that would allow a fox into your food storage or animal holdings.

2. Identify Fox Damages.

In order to rid yourself of foxes, it is crucial to know where they are spending their time during the day. Most commonly, a fox will be found in their under ground burrow. Foxes are very sneaky and will not let themselves be seen if they can help it. So to locate their whereabouts, it is best to identify the signs a fox would leave behind.

These signs can include:

  • Eaten or damaged fruits and vegetables in your garden.
  • Poultry, eggs, or other small livestock has good missing.
  • Your garbage has been ravaged and pilfered.
  • Garden soil and vegetation have been trampled and flattened.
  • Territory marking leaves a foul ammonia odor.
  • Fox activities usually occur from dusk to dawn, so if you are seeking a fox, keeping your eye open at these times is the best time to do it.

3. Choosing a Fox Control Method

Once the whereabouts of the fox or foxes have been identified, you can use the information below to find the fox control method or methods best suited for your needs. Foxes are crafty and smart creatures and are able to outsmart some control methods. Deploying multiple control methods at once will give you an advantage and better protection against foxes.

Experienced Fox Removal Services

Wildlife Removal Services in Florida can provide fox trapping and removal services in the South Florida area. We are a contracted nuisance wildlife trapping and removal organization. We will provide human capture and removal of foxes from your property or other areas where they are not wanted.

We also provide other animal removal services in Boca Raton, including: iguanas, snakes, raccoons, opossums, rats, bats, mosquitos, bees, and other nuisance wildlife.

Our wildlife control operators will provide humane capturing and removal of foxes and other animals from your commercial or residential properties. Our professionals in animal removal will help provide relief and security for your community if they are concerned about the potential of dangerous wildlife in their area.

Fox Trapping, Removal & Exclusions by Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Removal Services of Florida is highly trained and experienced, providing effective methods for capturing and removing wild foxes from private properties. Foxes are very capable of adapting and thriving in even dense residential areas. They are known to lose their fear of humans, which might become a concern for children and small pets. Call Wildlife Removal Services of Florida today for information about our fox removal services in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas.