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At Wildlife Removal Services, Inc., we are bat control experts for the communities of Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, and Broward County. We work in accordance with the law, and we do not harm a single bat. Luckily, the only way to solve a bat problem 100% involves no chemicals, killing or harming of bats. We exclude them from buildings: we let them fly out at dusk through one-way exclusion devices, and we don’t let them fly back in. Our Bat Removal services are 100% non-toxic and harm-free.

We seal the structure in such a way that allows the bats to leave and never come back. After our Bat Removal service, our Boca Raton area wildlife removal service will then clean up the waste that the colony of bats has left behind, decontaminating the refuse from bats your attic to eliminate the potential health risk. We provide a complete solution for bat removal and exclusion and can handle the most complex situations.

If you have bats in the attic, or another bat problem in your Boca Raton-area home or place of business, call Wildlife Removal Services today at (561)212-9255 to discuss bat control and schedule an inspection.

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About Bats in South Florida

Bat hanging Let’s face it, bats get a bad rap. Sure, they ARE pretty creepy and scary looking, and of course it’s unsettling to have one or more bats freely flying through your house, but they are not the blood-sucking, vicious predator they are made out to be in horror stories and scary movies. Bats are actually a pretty docile creature and prefer to ignore humans – NOT fly at them and attack them!

Another misconception is that bats are flying rodents. They are not. They might look like a rat with wings, but they are actually a mammal. And they are not blind. In addition to the five senses we enjoy, bats also have a type of sonar capability called “echolocation,” which helps them navigate and catch insects in the dark. Many people also believe that all bats are rabid, when, in fact, only a very small percentage of bats contract rabies.

The truth is that bats are actually an essential part of ecosystems around the world. Over two-thirds of all bats feast on insects, including mosquitos and pests that can do serious and costly damage to crops. The other one-third of bat species feed on the fruit or nectar of plants. In return, these bats pollinate and disperse seeds for numerous plants.

In Florida, there are 13 native species of bats, all of which are insectivorous (insect eaters). The two main bats we find in Palm Beach County and Broward County are the Brazilian free-tailed bat and the evening bat, both of which live in colonies.

Sleeping Bat The Brazilian free-tail, which is the most common of the two in South Florida, has a 3.5 inch body and 8 inch wingspan. This bat species has a scent gland that emits a musky odor, which is how some homeowners come to realize they have a colony of bats living in their attic. In early June, pregnant females will have one baby (called a pup). The bat matures in only two months and can fly by early August.

Why do bats prefer to live in attics anyway? Primarily because they have been forced out of their natural habitat by continuous urban development. In South Florida, homes with barrel tile roofs are especially vulnerable, as openings in the tiles allow for easy entry. They can also fly into tiny openings in soffits, eaves, fascia boards, vents, etc.

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Bat Damage & Disease

If a Bat Destroyed Roof and insulation you need bat removalBats leave behind a lot of feces (called guano) and urine. A large colony of bats in the attic can create piles of waste, which can damage insulation and wood. Urine can also be absorbed by drywall, creating stains on ceiling and walls.

Bat guano carries a fungus that can lead to histoplasmosis, a potentially deadly respiratory disease. That’s why bat removal is so important to have done right, if you do have bats living in your attic, you should steer clear of the attic and never touch bat guano or inhale the dust from dried guano. You should leave any cleanup from bats in the attic to a Boca Raton area wildlife removal professional who has the proper safety equipment to deal the remains and is experienced with Bat Removal.

While people most often fear rabies in association with bats, very few bats are rabid. Statistically speaking, the most common source of human rabies in the United States is from bats, but only one or two human cases per year are reported.

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How to Know if You Have a Bat Problem & Need a Bat Removal Company

If you have bats in your house, you might hear a rustling noise in your attic or walls. If there are a lot of bats in the attic of your home in Boca Raton or southeastern Florida, you might notice a musky odor. But one of the surest ways to find out or confirm that you have a bat problem and need bat removal is to simply go outside at dusk and look up at the roof of your house. You will see the bats leaving their roost to go look for insects. During the day, you can see bat droppings below the entry and exit holes or splatter on the wall, or staining on the side of the house from their body oils or urine.

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Bat Removal and Control in Your Boca Raton Area Home or Business

Bat Control Bats can find their way into a hole as small as ½ inch, so it’s no wonder bat infestations are fairly common in residential and commercial buildings throughout Palm Beach and Broward County. Bat Removal in the attic of a Boca Raton home or business is a simple concept, but it is an extremely tedious process that includes:

  1. Inspect the house
  2. Seal up all possible points of entry, leaving exit holes
  3. Install exclusion netting over exit holes
  4. Decontaminate the attic

Because of the amount of time it takes to make sure all of the bats have left your attic and to bat proof your home or building, we highly recommend you hire a seasoned bat removal & control expert like Wildlife Removal Services.

Step 1: Inspect the house / building

We will thoroughly inspect your house or place of business for signs of bats and their points of entry. If there are bats in the attic, you can usually spot bat droppings on the eaves below the roof under their entry/exit holes or splattered on the side of the house. You might also see staining on the side of the house from their body oils or urine. In the attic, you will find bat guano on the floor (and undoubtedly smell it) and perhaps even see adult or baby bats roosting in the insulation, although they are excellent at hiding in crevices. Once we confirm that you have a bat problem, we will inspect the roof and all around it for the tiniest hole they could be getting through.

Step 2: Watch for bats at night

Bats leave their roost just after sunset to look for food, so this is the best time to observe how many bats there are and from where they are coming and going. We will carefully watch the roofline all around the house or building to spot their entry and exit holes.

Step 3: Seal up all possible points of entry leaving exit holes where the most activity is taking place

After 4-5 days, all bats will have left the structure. Once gone, the exclusion device is removed and exit holes are sealed.

Step 4: Install exclusion netting or cones over exit holes

After 4-5 days, all bats will have left the structure. Once gone, the exclusion device is removed and exit holes are sealed.

Get rid of bats in house Remove bats from house

We perform step 3 and 4 simultaneously. Once we determine where the bats are getting in, we will seal EVERY LAST HOLE, leaving only a few for the bats to exit. For these holes, we use bat cones or drape a long piece of netting over them in a precise manner that allows the bats to fly out but not back in. When returning to your home or building, bats will fly directly at the hole and be stopped by the netting. Bats can’t hover and they won’t figure out how to fly underneath the netting. This part of the process is called bat removal and exclusion, and it is the most humane and effective method in existence for solving your bat problem.

It might take several nights for all the bats to leave your attic. Once we feel comfortable that all the bats are gone (after five nights of good weather), we will remove the netting and seal up the remaining exit points.

To ensure that your house is completely bat proof, and to prevent bats from getting back into your attic, you must seal every single possible hole, gap or crack. Depending on the size or architecture of your house or commercial building, this can be extremely painstaking. Broward County and Boca Raton’s professional bat removal experts like us know where to look, and we know how to safely climb buildings to install exclusion barriers and seal up holes. For smaller gaps or cracks, we use a polyurethane sealant. For larger ones, we use a mesh screening.

Step 5: Decontaminate the attic

Attic Restoration from Bat Damage after Bat Removal Once we get rid of the bats, then it’s time to clean up their smelly mess. In light of the health risks involved, you should also leave this part of the bat removal process to the professionals. Bat guano is a biohazardous waste that grows the fungus that causes histoplamosis. Our attic cleanup services include removing all guano; decontaminating and deodorizing the area with a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic solution; and replacing all soiled and destroyed insulation. Our specialized safety equipment ensures that your attic will not pose any future health risks to you or your family.

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Why Hire Wildlife Removal Services for Bat Removal in Boca Raton and Palm Beach County?

We Are Experts at Bat Control 

At Wildlife Removal Services, we have years of experience and expertise in bat behavior, removal and exclusion. Every day we get rid of bats in the attics of homes and buildings throughout Boca Raton, Palm Beach and Broward County in South Florida.

We Get Rid of Bats Permanently

Bat Removal & Attic Restoration For a permanent solution to you bat problem, call Wildlife Removal Services at (561)212-9255 for bat control in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, and Broward County. We will bat-proof your home or business in a matter of days. We will ensure that every last opening that bats can get into are sealed up to prevent their re-entry. After the bat infestation has been eliminated, we will also clean up after them, decontaminating your attic with a non-toxic solution.

Wildlife Removal Services is fully licensed and insured, and we offer 24/7 service for residential and commercial customers. Call us today for a FREE no obligation estimate. We’ll come to your home or office and create a plan to solve your bat problem. We always guarantee our work and have very fair pricing.