Iguana Repellent for 2022

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Iguanas Iguanas are a common sight in many yards and gardens. Some people find them a nuisance, while others appreciate their presence. Iguanas are escaped pets or their wild ancestors, which can be found in the southeastern United States. They are native to Central and South America. Iguanas have a long life span of 20 to 25 years. They can … Read More

Prevent Iguana Damage to Commercial Property in 2021

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prevent iguana damage to commercial property 2022

How To Prevent Commercial Property From Being Damaged By Iguanas Suppose you wonder what iguanas can cause types of damage to your commercial or residential property. In that case, we have answers to your questions. 1. Iguanas Can destroy your Landscaping First, it depends on the type of property you have that you attempt to defend against an iguana invasion. … Read More

Green Iguanas Destroying Seawalls

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Seawalls in South Florida Are Being Destroyed  The green iguana (or Iguana Iguana) is a species that is not native to Florida and are an invasive species in our state. They are known to cause considerable damages to local infrastructure, and this includes sidewalks, swimming pools and seawalls. The green iguana is not protected by the state of Florida, with … Read More

The Iguana Menace: Iguana Removal Done the Right Way

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Iguana Removal: How it’s Meant to be Done Iguanas are fascinating animals but have become a significant concern in parts of Florida. Homeowners in the state are starting to wonder about iguanas and how to remove them effectively. The process is challenging at the best of times and should be left to someone with experience. Of course, it’s still important … Read More