The Iguana Menace: Iguana Removal Done the Right Way

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Iguana Removal: How it’s Meant to be Done

Iguanas are fascinating animals but have become a significant concern in parts of Florida. Homeowners in the state are starting to wonder about iguanas and how to remove them effectively.

The process is challenging at the best of times and should be left to someone with experience. Of course, it’s still important to take the time to understand what the removal process entails as a property owner.

To make it easier for you, here’s a detailed look at iguana removal.

For those wanting to make an educated decision, it’s always best to start by learning more about the process, how it works, and what you need to do as a homeowner.

Understanding the Cost of Iguana Removal

Removing an iguana may seem like a simple task, but it’s rarely that easy.

It’s essential to approach the task with patience and make sure appropriate bait is set up to trap the animal. Since there are several moving parts (i.e., baits, traps), it’s smarter to let professionals handle things.

If you are wondering about iguana removals, how they happen, and what needs to happen for safe removals, it’s best to go through our guide on the subject. We will be more than happy to shed light on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effectively removing an iguana from your property in Florida.

Iguanas have long been noted as “pests” when it comes to properties in America. Iguanas are often seen running around the property ranging in size from a couple of inches to more than six feet. Along with ranging in length, they also vary in terms of their weight. While iguanas can make for wonderful pets at home, they still do pose a risk to inhabitants.

This is why it’s crucial to take action right away and seek professional assistance. This will make sure the iguana removal process is as simple and effective as it needs to be without damaging your property.

Finding the Right Bait

It starts with the bait as that is going to lure the iguana in.

Iguanas have a unique appearance but tend to follow specific patterns when it comes to their behavior. This becomes doubly important when setting up bait and making sure they’re lured into a trap safely.

When setting up the bait, it’s important to think about where the trap is going to go. You want the trap to be hidden (i.e., under a fence or close to a bush) as this won’t throw off the iguana as it moves in. Iguanas are known for finding these spots as they try to hide from humans or pets, which is why you have to place the trap in that “safe” zone.

If you place the trap correctly, it is going to yield impressive results.

What about the bait? What should you use to make sure the iguana is intrigued? In general, the best type of bait is something as simple as fruit. They won’t mind coming after sweet fruits such as bananas and mangoes. It’s all about getting them to enjoy something sweet while trapping them at the same time.

Optimize The Trap

While bait is important, it’s still essential to think about the trap and how it is going to be used to get the iguana.

Professionals spend years understanding behavioral patterns when it comes to iguanas and how they react in specific situations. This is the best way to build a quality trap. In general, it is highly recommended to go with a snare trap as it is practical, easy to use, and as accurate as you want it to be in a situation such as this.

If you are worried about harming the iguana, you don’t have to be. Snare traps are ideal for iguanas and don’t harm them at all. It is only going to hold the iguana in place until a specialist arrives at the scene. The simplicity of the process is what makes it appealing for those who want to get rid of an iguana humanely.

For those looking to steer clear of a snare trap, it’s okay to use a simple cage trap too. With a cage trap, you have to make sure it is positioned correctly in a high-traffic area where the iguana is going to be. When appropriately managed, the cage trap does work well and makes things easier for the specialist too. However, snare traps are still the best approach when it comes to iguana removal.

Repellant for Iguanas

When there are several iguanas in an area, it’s easy to start noticing repellants in local stores. Do these repellants work, or are they nothing more than a gimmick?

In most cases, they aren’t going to work that well, nor are they suitable for your yard. These repellants will settle in and do little to push away the iguana because it won’t pose as a legitimate threat. The iguana will still find its way around the property, whether you like it or not. Some iguana repellants have been known to do quite a bit of damage when it comes to a property’s garden. This is why it is often the wrong decision to use iguana repellents.

Releasing the Trapped Iguana

When the iguana has been trapped, it is time to remove them as humanely and safely as possible while following state laws. In various parts of America, it’s forbidden to release iguanas back into the wild. Instead, you have to take the iguana to a separate state facility for euthanization.

Iguana Removal in Boca Raton

For property owners in Boca Raton with an iguana problem on their hands, it is time to take action right away. Don’t let things spiral out of control in your yard.

By calling seasoned professionals that know what it takes to do a good job, it’s possible to get rid of the iguana promptly. Speak to a professional in the region and watch as the iguana is removed quickly. To learn more about the process or to have your questions answered, please feel free to contact Wildlife Removal Services for any questions, or concerns.