Prevent Iguana Damage to Commercial Property in 2021

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prevent iguana damage to commercial property 2022

How To Prevent Commercial Property From Being Damaged By Iguanas

Suppose you wonder what iguanas can cause types of damage to your commercial or residential property. In that case, we have answers to your questions.

1. Iguanas Can destroy your Landscaping

First, it depends on the type of property you have that you attempt to defend against an iguana invasion. Do you own a home? Or perhaps you own a piece of property that has landscaping that costs you thousands of dollars every year. Maybe you are a property owner who is responsible for the fairways, sand traps, and greens of one or more country club golf courses. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of tropical flowers or other kinds of seasonal plants may be completely consumed or damaged by iguanas before they have a chance to take root completely.

2. Seawall Damage Can Prevent Iguana Control

Iguanas love soaking up the sun and basking on seawalls. However, it can be very expensive for commercial property owners and homeowners on the Intracoastal waterway or on the beach. Iguanas are well-known for tunneling beneath and down along seawalls. It can result in water getting under the seawall’s foundation – which can create a runoff that ends up costing you tens of thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

3. There Is A Link Between Iguana Poop And Salmonella

If you live close to a source of water, there is an excellent chance you are near a pier, dock, seawall, or pool deck – all of these types of surfaces are used for iguanas, for one thing. Do you know what that is? Iguanas use these places to bask in the sun and where you will often find them. All along the way, you will find lots of iguana poop. Iguana feces can potentially be very hazardous to people’s and pets’ health if they are exposed to salmonella bacteria contained in iguana defecate. Hiring a professional to trap and get rid of the iguanas is the best thing that you can do. All surfaces that might have been contaminated by the salmonella from an iguana’s poop should be power washed and disinfected.

Property Owners and Cities Can Save Money Using Iguana Control Services

Managing any municipality comes with many responsibilities. That is why in Florida, it is absolutely necessary to maintain the public waterways and canals. When Wildlife Removal Services is hired, the accelerated erosion that invasive iguana infestations may cause can be prevented. Iguanas tunnel into sides of the canals that control the runoff water, which during hurricane season and significant storms can prevent flooding. Invariably, the erosion of waterways and runoff channels that iguanas cause can impact all of the property owners nearby and cost tens of thousands of dollars worth in damages to the nearby infrastructure.

The Best Iguana Sharpshooing and Trapping Services in the Boca Raton Area

Ever since 2007, when iguanas became a significant problem, Wildlife Removal Services has been here to help. We only use the strongest and highest quality traps available to capture even the most giant orange male iguanas. We have the best expertise and hardware, our skilled marksmanship is the only thing that exceeds our iguana sharpshooting experience. We are Palm Beach County’s most experienced iguana sharpshooting business.

Practical and Professional Iguana Exclusion Services for both your Property and Home

After iguanas have been trapped and taken off of your property, there are just a couple of things that can be done to prevent future breaches and infestation of iguanas of your home and property.

First, let’s discuss what you should not do:

1. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on toxins, poisons, or other types of fake repellents and deterrents. All those methods can work. Iguanas can consume your whole landscape while you wait for the “magical” remedies to go into effect.

2. Sound and scent repellents are ineffective. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on any alternative iguana repellents. They always fail to live up to expectations. There are certain websites and companies where flowers or fruits not eaten by iguanas are planted as a natural deterrent solution. However, it has been shown that this is ineffective. Iguanas will still destroy your landscaping after you have spent money unnecessarily on plants.

Call us instead and allow us to get all of your roof tiles professionally sealed. Iguanas have a tendency to burrow underneath loose roof tiles, which can damage the roof’s waterproof membrane that helps to keep your attic dry and your house comfortable. When your roof files are sealed and other potential entry points are filled, it can save you thousands of dollars in potential mold and water damage to your ceiling and attic.

Call us at 561-212-9255 today for your free phone consultation to learn why we provide the best Iguana Exclusions and Removal services in the business.