What Do Iguanas Like To Eat?

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what do iguanas eat

What Is The Iguana Diet? In Florida, the temperatures have started to dip below the 40s, meaning we are about to enter another “falling iguana” era.  Where should you be concerned about iguanas falling the most? It is usually in areas with trees where iguanas take shelter in branches and fall out when the temperature gets too cold.  More specifically, … Read More

What You Need To Know About Iguana Removal in 2022

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need to know about iguana removal

What You Need To Know About Iguana Removal Iguana Removal: How Is It Supposed To Be Done? Iguanas are interesting creatures, but they have also become a concern in certain parts of Florida. This has led to many homeowners across this state wondering how to effectively remove them.  Even in ideal situations, these processes are challenging and are best left to … Read More