What You Need To Know About Iguana Removal in 2022

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need to know about iguana removal

What You Need To Know About Iguana Removal

Iguana Removal: How Is It Supposed To Be Done?

Iguanas are interesting creatures, but they have also become a concern in certain parts of Florida. This has led to many homeowners across this state wondering how to effectively remove them. 

Even in ideal situations, these processes are challenging and are best left to professionals with experience. However, it is still important that you understand what this type of removal process involves as an owner of a property. 

To make things easier, here is our guide on iguana removal.

For those interested in making an informed decision, it is better to learn about these processes, how it works, or anything you should be doing as the homeowner. 

Iguana Removal: Understanding The Costs

Removing iguana may appear to be a relatively simple task, but it is rarely easy. 

To begin with, these tasks need to be approached with patience. The right bait also needs to the set up for trapping the animal. Since bait traps are made up of different moving parts, it is wiser to allow a professional to handle these tasks. 

Suppose you have ever wondered about iguana removal, how the process plays out, and what is required for safe removal. In that case, we suggest reading over our guide that covers this subject. We will cover what works and things that don’t work to effectively remove iguanas from your Florida property. 

Iguanas are animals regarded as a “pest” in association with homes in America. Iguanas range in size from a few inches to over six feet. In addition to the range in size, these animals also vary in weight. While iguanas often make for fantastic pets, they still pose risks to the inhabitants. 

This is why it is important to ask for professional assistance and take action as soon as you can. These experts will ensure the removal is effective and simple without causing any damages to your property. 

Using The Right Bait

The removal process starts with bait since this is what is going to attract the iguana into a trap. 

Iguanas may have unique appearances, yet they usually follow a specific pattern associated with their behaviors. This is even more important before laying down bait and ensuring the iguana is safely lured into the trap. 

Before laying down bait, it is important to know where to set up the trap. The trap should be hidden (close to bushes or under a fence) as this will not scare the animal away before it decides to move in. Iguanas like to find spots where they hide from pets or humans, and this is why it is important to position the trap in a ” safe ” zone. 

If the trap is placed correctly, it will serve its purpose. 

When it comes to bait, you need something to intrigue the iguana. In most cases, fruit is the best bait type to choose. They love coming after the sweet fruits such as mangoes and bananas. It involves getting the animal to feast on a sweet treat while you trap them unexpectedly. 

Make Sure The Trap Is Optimized

Even though the bait is essential, it is important to know how the trap will secure and trap the iguana. 

Professionals have spent many years understanding iguanas’ behavioral patterns and the way they will react to specific situations. This is one of the best ways to construct the best trap. In most cases, snare traps are the best option since they are easy to use, accurate, and practical for these types of situations. 

If you are worried that the iguana will get hurt, don’t be. A snare trap works well for iguanas, and it won’t harm the animal at all. It will just hold the creature in its place until an expert arrives to remove the iguana. The process is simple and appealing to people that would like to remove iguanas humanely. 

If you are not sure about using a snare trap, you can also go for the traditional cage trap. If you decide to use one of these traps, make sure you place it in the right place, where you know the iguana will be. These traps can also work well and make it easier for the specialist to handle the animal when managed appropriately. However, we still think the better approach is to use a snare trap to remove an iguana. 

Iguana Repellants

If you have noticed a lot of iguanas in your garden and around your home, you may be tempted to buy a repellant. But do these products work, or maybe they are just gimmicks?

They won’t work very well in many cases, and they might not be appropriate for your backyard. The repellant will most likely settle in, which means it won’t deter the iguanas since they don’t pose legitimate threats. Iguanas will find other ways around your property regardless of how many repellants you have put down. Some of the repellants for iguanas can also damage your garden. This is why we do not recommend trying any of these products. 

How To Release A Trapped Iguana

Once you have trapped an iguana, you can then remove the animal as safely and humanely as possible, making sure you follow the state laws. In many parts of America, you cannot release an iguana. You would need to take the animal to a state facility where they are euthanized in these areas. 

Boca Raton Iguana Removal

If you live in Boca Raton and have an iguana issue on your property, take action immediately. Don’t allow things to get out of control. 

When you call seasoned experts who have the experience to perform a great job, you will get rid of your iguana problem in no time. Chat to professionals in your area for the safe and quick removal of iguanas. If you have a question or need more information, contact Wildlife Removal Services to answer any concerns or questions that you may have.