Bats Roosting in Attics: Understanding the Problem

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Winter is approaching in Florida, and with it comes the problem of bats roosting in attics and under roof tiles. While bats play an important role in controlling insect populations, having them in your attic can create a variety of issues, including health hazards and property damage. Why Bats Roost in Attics Bats are looking for warm, dark places to … Read More

Wildlife Removal Services of Florida: The Go-To Company for Safe and Effective Wildlife Removal in Boca Raton

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Safe and Effective Wildlife Removal in Boca Raton Are you dealing with a wildlife intrusion on your property in Boca Raton? Look no further than Wildlife Removal Services of Florida. Our team of trained professionals has years of experience in safely and effectively removing a variety of animals, including raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, and snakes. Humane Methods for Wildlife Removal … Read More

Bat Mating Season 2022

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bat mating season 2022

The Official Bat Mating Season Now is the time to get rid of bats that may have a home inside your attic spaces, eaves, or chimney. From April 15th to August 15th is the official bats mating season. Before this time frame starts, you need to complete all bat colony exclusions. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reports … Read More

How to Get Rid of Bats in 2022

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bat removal near me 2022

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Bats Bats are often mistaken for flying rats or mice, but they are small furry creatures with wings. Bats are always looking for a location to roost, and this can sometimes turn into your home. Places that they are often attracted to include chimneys and attics. At the same time, bats may play … Read More

The Best Wildlife Removal Near Me in 2021

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Florida Wildlife Removal Services Have wild animals become a nuisance factor on your property? It is always best to leave it to wildlife removal experts to safely and humanely remove all wild animals from residential and business premises. Wildlife Removal Services of South Florida provides professional, fantastic animal removal services to deal with infestations of animals such as rats, bats, … Read More

Finding Bat Removal and Cleanup Near Me (2020)

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Bat Removal and Cleanup

Bat Removal and Cleanup Bats serve a significant role in many ecosystems as the primary predators of flying insects. With fewer and fewer caves and trees to call home in natural habitats. Many bats are migrating closer to social structures. While bats are essential to the circle of life, they can also carry rabies and other infectious diseases or bacteria. … Read More

Coronavirus and Bats: Are They Connected?

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coronavirus bats

Did We Get Coronavirus From Bats? Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that can bring illnesses whose severity ranges widely. The first severe registered sickness caused by a coronavirus came about with the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic in China in 2003. A second outbreak of severe sickness emerged with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in Saudi … Read More