The Best Wildlife Removal Near Me in 2021

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Florida Wildlife Removal Services

Have wild animals become a nuisance factor on your property? It is always best to leave it to wildlife removal experts to safely and humanely remove all wild animals from residential and business premises. Wildlife Removal Services of South Florida provides professional, fantastic animal removal services to deal with infestations of animals such as rats, bats, raccoons, coyotes, opossums, iguanas, ducks, snakes, and many more. Our Attic Restoration services include removing any dead animals and a proper clean-up to get rid of any smells and left-overs caused by a wild animal infestation. Our services are available in Florida and the surrounding areas from South Broward County to Northern Palm Beach.

For more than ten years, Wildlife Removal Services have removed all types of wild animals from homes and businesses in the Florida area. Below we list a few of our wildlife removal services available in the surrounding areas of Florida. If the particular animal you are having problems with is not listed here, please give us a call to find out if we can assist you.

Note: We do not provide cat, dog, or alligator removal services.

Humane Removal of Wild Animals in the Florida Area

There are many safe and effective ways to humanely retrieve and relocate wild animals that have become a nuisance in certain areas. To find out more about our wildlife control services, call us on 561-212-9255.

Bee Removal Services in Florida

If you live in the Florida area, you may have heard about the colonies of bees that have recently invaded space. This being true, you need to understand what you may be dealing with. Although the average person can remove beehives, we strongly advise against it as bees can be very dangerous. These insects have been known to badly hurt and even kill people who have tried to remove them. African Honeybees are particularly notorious for swarming and have been known to kill.

Our team of bee removal experts has the necessary experience and equipment needed to safely remove bees from your home or business premises and relocate them to another location. Click here to learn more about our bee removal services and how to get started.

Rat Removal Services in the Florida Area

Rats are not as dangerous as bees, and most homeowners may find it easy to get rid of them on their own. You may not even know there is a rat infestation in your attic until you find evidence of droppings or hear scratching noises at night. Because rats are extremely smart, it can be pretty difficult to trap them. To get rid of rats permanently, it is essential to find their entry and exit points and seal these gaps to prevent them from returning and continuing their colonization.

At Wildlife Removal Services, we have had years of experience with rat infestations. We are experts at trapping, removing, and sealing entry points to prevent a re-infestation. For more information on our rat removal services, click here.

Snake Removal Services in the Florida Area

At Wildlife Removal Services Inc., we use a professional approach to finding the best humane animal removal solution for each situation. Our expert, snake removal team is highly trained in safely handling and removing all types of snakes and relocating them to a different environment in a humane way. As a professional wildlife removal company, we are familiar with the local species of snakes found throughout the areas of Broward and Palm Beach Counties and how to handle them safely. To find out more about our snake removal services, click here.

Bat Removal Services in Florida

A bat infestation can quickly go unnoticed. By the time it is discovered, the extent of the damage from guana accumulation can be quite extensive. Your home is a favorite nesting ground for bats. If you have noticed them around your home in the evenings, they may have already moved into the roof or attic. If left unchecked, a bat colony can become quite large and can cause serious damage in addition to being a health hazard. Without the proper training and equipment, attempting to remove bats on your own can be a difficult and dangerous task, even for trained professionals.

Wildlife Removal Services are THE bat control experts in the Florida area. Our team of bat removal experts works in strict accordance with the wildlife laws governing the removal of bats. Our process of removal does not include the use of harmful chemicals or involve the killing or harm of one single bat. We are experts at exclusion methods that allow the bats to fly out at dusk but prevent them from flying back in by the use of our one-way exclusion devices. The smartest way to deal with a bat problem is to call the professionals to inspect your home for entrance points and seal them up properly after all the bats have left.

Iguana Removal in the Florida Area

While these beautiful animals can be seen as an exotic addition to the landscape of the South Florida area, the unfortunate truth is that in some areas, they can become quite invasive and cause more harm than good. Anyone who has tried to catch one will know what a powerful wallop their tails pack is, and with a mouthful of dangerous bacteria, it is best left to professional parkland removal experts who know how to handle and remove these wild animals. To find out more about iguana removal, click here.

Duck Removal in the Florida Area

Ducks look harmless, and many people like to feed them. Unfortunately, duck feeders attract species like Muscovy ducks that leave nasty droppings. This slippery duck excrement coats driveways and sidewalks are making them hazardous to walk on. Muscovy ducks are not welcome where lawns need to be protected, whether at home or in public landscaping. For example, duck excrement will burn and kill expensive lawns on golf greens and cause extensive damage to landscaping. If you would like to protect your lawn from a duck infestation, contact Wildlife Removal Services to have them removed professionally. Click here for more information.

Raccoon Removal in Florida

Does the noise of raccoons scratching around in your attic keep you up at night? While the noise may be a nuisance that disrupts your sleep, you should know that raccoons can cause extensive damage to the insulation and structural beams in your attic. Large amounts of raccoon feces can become a health hazard, and the entry points they use can even cause water damage. Luckily Wildlife Removal Services are experts at getting rid of these masked critters from homes in the Florida area once and for all. Click here to learn more about how we can help you get rid of raccoons that have taken up residence in your attic.

Opossum Removal in the Florida Area

Opossums like to invade an attic or populate under the porch of a house. Wildlife Removal Services offers a comprehensive service that effectively gets rid of all nuisance animals from your attic, porch, deck, or crawl spaces. While opossums are generally easy-going, you don’t want to trap them in a corner as they will defend themselves with their sharp teeth and claws. That is why it is recommended to call Wildlife Removal Services, who are experts at finding these little critters wherever they may be hiding, and remove them from your home. Click here to learn more about our professional opossum removal services in Florida and the Deerfield Beach area.

Coyote Removal in the Florida Area

Coyotes have come down from the North East of the country and are not necessarily confined to a residential area like South Florida. Because they have left their ideal habitat where they hunt, when they get hungry, they can become a danger to your pets. If coyotes have invaded your yard, call in the experts from Wildlife Removal to trap and remove these potentially dangerous wild animals from your property. Click here to learn more about our coyote removal services.

Dead Animal Removal in the Florida Area

If there is a foul stench in your home or office building that you cannot identify, chances are there is the carcass of a dead animal rotting away somewhere. The stench could be emanating from a dead rat inside a wall or any other dead animal in the attic or under the house. For health reasons, it is not advisable to touch the remains of a dead animal but to call a professional pest removal company to detect and remove the source of the offending smell. To find out more about our professional dead animal removal services, click here.

No Problem is Too Big For Wildlife Removal Services

With nearly 20 years in business. There are few things that Wildlife Removal Services of Florida has not seen or done. When it comes to wildlife and critters down here in South Florida. There is a right way to do things, and a wrong way to do things. Thankfully WLRS has been there and done that – so they know the best options for your specific situation. No matter if you are a home, business, or municipality – Wildlife Removal Services of Florida has the tools for the job.