Prevent Seawall Damage with Iguana Control Services

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Iguana Control Services to Prevent Seawall Damage

Iguanas were originally not native to South Florida. People imported them as pets, but in recent years, many have either escaped or have been released and have now taken over Palm Beach and South Florida at large due to the subtropical climate, lush gardens, and effects of climate change. Iguanas have also thrived since they have virtually no natural predators and reproduce incredibly quickly.

Iguana Problems

Iguanas quickly went from being one of most beloved pets in South Florida to one of the most invasive and nuisance wildlife we have down here in Palm Beach County and the surrounding area. Here are some of the reasons why Iguanas have become such a pest and a threat to our local ecosystem and infrastructure.

Seawall Damage Caused by Iguanas

Iguanas have been known to cause severe property damage. Iguanas can dig tunnels 80 feet or even longer under and/or around your property including seawalls, sheds, pool decks, etc. and this may accelerate erosion thus compromising your infrastructure. Iguanas can tunnel all the way down till they reach water causing the sand and soil to be pulled into the waterway which can lower the level of your property and result in thousands of dollars in damages

seawall damage from iguanas

Iguana Landscape Damage

Besides causing damage to structures on your property such as seawalls, iguanas also cause landscape damage. Predominantly herbivores, iguanas have been known to wreak havoc to gardens, particularly those with flowering plants. Unlike many animals Iguanas have color vision which allows them to easily locate brightly colored flowers and fruits. So that garden of yours that you spent your time and money on can vanish in a single day if Iguanas find their way onto your property.

Iguana Health Risk

Iguana feces are known to carry salmonella along with other diseases, which is a significant health risk for both humans and pets, particularly if the feces are in and/or around pools. Iguanas sometimes also bite and may cause severe scratch wounds with their sharp claws. With their large spiny tails covered in sharp scales which can cause deep gashes and even blind small dogs.

Professional Iguana Removal

If you consider the problems caused by iguanas, it becomes immediately clear why keeping them under control is so important. Iguana removal in Palm Beach and South Florida at large is best done by professionals.

It is advisable to use a professional removal service since they will probably use a humane approach that involves trapping or catching live iguanas to remove them. Iguanas are naturally invasive species that can be difficult to get rid of by hand. If you have a particularly large infestation, trapping them is your best option. If you live in a community with an HOA or have any parks or golf courses with lakes, or canals. Then hiring a professional sharpshooter is the most efficient method of large scale iguana removal.

 Humane Iguana Control in Three Easy Steps

Iguana removal specialists almost always follow the same simple, effective, and fast 3-step removal process that involves the following:

1. Contacting Wildlife Removal Service

If you have been dealing with an iguana infestation in your property, it is always advisable to hire professionals to get the job done. So the first step would be to find a wildlife removal or iguana removal specialist in your area to come remove those invasive pests. We were the first Iguana trapping and removal service in South Florida and with our extensive experience you will find everything you are looking for in a nuisance animal operator.

2. Identifying and Removing the Iguanas

Iguanas can be found in the attic, under your roof tiles, digging tunnels in around your yard, or homesteading in trees. We can get rid of Iguanas no matter the situation! Trapping services or sharpshooting with specialized pellet guns, along exclusion services to secure your roof and attic. We are the iguana removal service you need!

3. Exclusion/Prevention

Although you cannot keep iguanas from coming onto your property. You can make sure your property is less appealing to the pesky green iguanas. One of the first things you can do is incorporate plants into your garden that are natural iguana deterrents. Roof tiles can be repaired and all tile caps can be sealed. Removing ripe fruit from trees daily can prevent the iguanas from seeing your property as an all you can eat buffet.

Prevent Iguanas from Damaging Seawalls

If you live on the intracoastal or near a seawall and you have seen iguanas your property wreaking havoc. You should consider contacting Wildlife Removal Services for professional iguana removal services. Remove the reptiles before they become a major problem can prevent damage to your seawall, property, vegetation and landscaping. Ultimately this can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages if you are a home or property owner.

Don’t wait, give us a call today at (561) 212-9255 for a free quote. Allow us to make your iguana problem disappear.