Iguanas In Fort Lauderdale Florida

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iguanas in fort lauderdale

Iguanas Found in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Iguana Control Fort Lauderdale has rapidly developed into one of Florida’s most highly sought after services. That is due to the sudden increase in the number of wild iguanas invading people’s gardens and homes. The reptiles cause a lot of damage and havoc to our homes and landscapes. Iguanas thrive in the state of Florida due to its warm tropical climate that promotes abundant vegetative growth to provide iguanas with plenty of food. The warm weather also is beneficial to the exotic skins of iguanas.

The increase in complaints made by homeowners has resulted in the need for professional guana control firms in Fort Lauderdale that can help to remedy the situation as best as possible and therefore give peace of mind to homeowners. At Wildlife Removal Services, we are one of these companies, and our goal is to provide Florida with the most exceptional iguana removal services.

How To Catch Wild Iguanas

Wild iguanas exist in their natural environment in contrast to tame iguanas. They do not rely on humans for their food. There are plenty of wild iguanas in the state of Florida, and that is because their previous owners released them into the wild, and then they rapidly multiplied. Any iguana who invades your garden or home should be considered and treated as a wild iguana. YOu should not assume that just because an iguana might have been tame at one time that they cannot cause any damage or harm. They definitely can be, and it is essential to be extra cautious whenever you are around one. It is necessary to have iguana control Fort Lauderdale because wild iguanas invade houses occasionally in Florida. We at (Company0, are an expert and experienced iguana control company. We can provide you with guidance on the proper way to catch a wild iguana without injuring yourself or the iguana. Two primary methods can be used to capture a wild iguana:

Using traps

For a very long time, traps have been the most convenient and safest way to catch and handle wild iguanas while guaranteeing your safety at the same time. An adequately set trap should allow a trapper to capture a wild iguana within one day.

Using your bare hands

You can also use your bare hands to catch a wild iguana. You must approach an iguana stealthily from behind until you can reach it and hold it firmly by its tail and back of its neck. You will have to hold onto the iguana securely since it will most likely try to escape after it realizes it has been captured. Before you try this, make sure to wear some heavy gloves to protect you against the iguana’s bites ad scratches.

Iguana Removal Near Me

As previously stated, iguana control Fort Lauderdale is now among the most highly sought after services in Florida. It has become increasingly important due to the increase of home and garden invasions by iguanas. It is essential for homeowners to know where iguana removal services can be accessed near them in the event that this type of situation should occur on their property that is too complex for them to deal with using homemade remedies. The need for iguana control services has resulted in an increase of iguana removal companies across the state of Florida. Therefore, if you are a homeowner who is seeking those services, it is essential for you to take the time and research a company’s profile. Misleading and catchy advertisements are quite common in those cases where companies are trying to beat their competitors to see who can get the most customers.

A reputable iguana control Fort Lauderdale service guarantees your convenience in acquiring its services. Here at Wildlife Removal Services, we take great pride in being the best iguana removal company in the entire Fort Lauderdale region and are therefore best suited for serving all of your iguana removal needs. Our team of experts will not only remove iguanas from your house but will also disinfect your home against any potential spread of disease. Also, we have a 24-hour response team on standby at all times in case you need emergency iguana removal services. One example is being attacked by a feral iguana.