How To Get Rid of Iguanas

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Wondering how to get rid of iguanas? Well, we can help! While we do recommend you have a professional advise you on how to get rid of iguanas, we definitely think that if you are planning on getting rid of iguanas nothing beats hiring someone that has gotten rid of them before. For those of you looking at articles like this one on how to get rid of iguanas, just know that hiring a professional iguana removal service such as us is your best bet because these lizards can put you in the hospital if you don’t know what you are doing!
If you’ve ever found yourself asking how to get rid of iguanas, you probably have had them roaming around your backyard, swimming in your pool, or even eating your fruits, flowers, and other foliage. With that being said, these reptiles can have a negative impact on your plants because they are known to gorge themselves on some of the tasty bits they produce. Iguanas have a diet that is primarily composed of plants, but they are also known to eat small animals and insects at times. While it is nice that they can eat some small pests, the fact of the matter is that they prefer to eat your plants over your pests, leaving most people wondering how to get rid of iguanas immediately after they deflower and eat the fruit off of their plants!
With these reptiles being capable of hurting you, it’s probable that you don’t even need to know how to get rid of iguanas because what you really should be doing is calling a professional to handle your iguana problem. As professionals, we know exactly what iguanas look like, where to find them, and how to avoid getting hurt when handling them. These bad boys have some long claws that have the ability to tear through human flesh and a tail that can whip you before you can react; not to mention their mouths can bite! We highly recommend you contacting a professional prior to trying to find out how to get rid of iguanas because doing this on your own can result in a serious injury. Leave the iguana hunting to the professionals and let us take care of your iguana problem. Take it from a service that knows how to get rid of iguanas… These lizards are not worth messing with and can get really nasty if you don’t know what you are doing!