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How Much Does It Cost For Iguana Control?

To make it short: It depends on certain factors. Read on if you want to understand the cost of Iguana control better and what you can expect. 

Some people believe that these reptiles can not be humanely captured in cages. However, we know secret methods of iguana control and iguana exclusion that are not harmful to the animal.

There are three principles to consider when shopping price:

  1. Iguana control is very professional work, with unique licensing and risks.
  2. Like any product, you will usually get what you paid for.
  3. There is no such thing as a universal price with Iguana control; every situation and job is different. 

What Affects The Cost of Iguana Control?

The type of Iguana that is being removed:

Iguana control comes at a higher price because the risks faced are greater when attempting to control them. This is comparable to having to handle other types of wildlife control. More often than not, controlling several iguanas comes at a higher price than controlling a single iguana. Still, other factors can be included, such as the difficulty of removing the animal, which can affect the cost as well. 

Inspection services are also quoted: 

More than often, trapping an iguana is not the most challenging part. The inspection where we search for iguanas on your property tends to be the most challenging part of our services and of course, this varies depending on the size of the lot and square footage of the structure. 

The harder it is to find iguanas on your property, the more expensive the service can end up being. So if you live on a larger property or the Iguana is in a hard to reach area, or both. The cost of iguana control services will certainly vary. Some other factors that can increase the difficulty of iguana removal or exclusions. Is searching under the house or climbing on top of the roof to perform searching for breaches and other entry points. 

What can be expected in the price for an Iguana control quote:

  • An Initial inspection so that we can determine the scale of the issue, including identifying points of entry to the home of the Iguana
  • If there are baby iguanas or iguana eggs present
  • Our proprietary method of trapping the iguanas will be explained to you either on the phone or at our first visit
  • If the iguana will be humanely trapped ane euthanized following the state of Florida applicable laws and regulations
  • What you can do in the future to ensure no more iguana incursion on to your property through our results-driven iguana exclusion services

Choosing Wildlife Removal Services as your Iguana Control Company

  • Inspection of your premises will be conducted to identify entry points, what type of Iguana is nesting there, how many are present, and the overall scope of the issue
  • We will devise a plan and trap the iguana in the most cost-effective and efficient way available
  • We will conclude if we will trap the iguana and relocate it humanely, or trap the iguana and dispose of it.
  • We will make a suggestion as to how to make your home iguana proof in the future.

Call (561) 212-9255 to speak with Wildlife Removal Services today for a no-risk quote for professional iguana trapping, exclusion, and removal services for your commercial or residential property. We have over 20 years of experience removing iguanas in Palm Beach County and Broward County. We will get the job done and get it done right guaranteed.