Different Forms of Iguana Repellent

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Professional Iguana Repellent

While iguanas may look like cute little reptiles, they can be major pests. Not only do they destroy gardens, but they can cause a lot of issues with your vegetation. This is primarily because they are herbivores. Thus, they can cause major problems. Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to catch, either. They are very quick, and they have tough exteriors. Not only that, but they can even bite and use their tails to whip people. Many ineffective solutions are being touted out there, including trapping them. These strategies are not effective.

Here at Iguana Control, we get a lot of questions about effective iguana repellents. Our professional experience has shown that the commercial repellants sold in stores are ineffective. While it sounds good to be able to spray a solution and not have to worry about them moving forward, that’s simply not how things work.

When it comes to trapping them, the state of Florida prohibits releasing them back into the wild. The majority of people would probably prefer that the creatures don’t suffer. This is why we offer cruelty-free extermination methods that won’t leave you feeling bad.

Some Myths About How To Effectively Repel Iguanas:

Unfortunately, iguanas will consume every kind of vegetation. Thus, they can be very destructive and difficult to get rid of. The state of Florida allows you to exterminate iguanas without being penalized. However, you can’t trade, sell, or raise them. While you may be under the impression that you can repel them if they aren’t an everyday problem. Sadly, that’s much easier said than done. As mentioned previously, repellants don’t work. Here at Iguana Control, we can effectively remove or even repel different size iguana populations. You can call us right now to discuss what options are available to you.

Modifying Vegetation

As mentioned, these creatures are attracted by different vegetation like fruit trees and even flowers. You will find that they are attracted to almost every fruit but citrus fruits. They tend to try to stay away from these fruits. Likewise, they would rather live in thicker vegetation including bushes and other areas that offer hidden spaces. Thus, clearing out excess vegetation can discourage them from hanging around. You also can add some citrus plants to your yard if you want to keep them away. You want to plant vegetation that is heavy to chew.

Many plants that are toxic to larger reptiles will work effectively as a repellant. For instance, carrots, beets, spinach, and more will send away these critters because they can poison them.

Trapping Them

Don’t be one to believe that you can humanely kill or trap these creatures. Most traps that capture iguanas are meant to re-release them back into the wild. This is a problem living in Florida because that’s against the law. You cannot re-release, sell, or even transfer iguanas. You can however kill them humanely. This can be difficult without the experience and equipment needed to do so. That’s why it’s best left to the professionals.

Topographical Modification

While you could alter the vegetation on your property, there are other things you can do. You want to make your property less attractive and desirable for them. Iguanas are burrowing creatures. Because of this, you want to try to fill and destroy tunnels. You also want to try to install protective netting around tree trunks to make it difficult for them to climb the trees. Using these methods can be an effective way to deter iguanas from making your yard their home.

Learn To Successfully Repel Iguanas

If you are suffering from an iguana problem that is out of control, you can contact our friendly experts right now to get started on solving it.