Find A Snake In Your Pool 2022

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snake in your pool 2022

Tips On How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Pool Area

Not much can be better when you have your pool in your backyard, especially on the hottest days of summer. When the weather is sizzling, being able to jump into a cool pool is hard to beat and one of the best ways to cool down. But if you find a snake in your pool or around your pool, it can be difficult to know what you should do. Do you know how to stop a snake from getting into your pool? Or do you know how to remove a snake once it is in your pool?

– Stopping Snakes From Getting Into Your Pool

When it comes to snakes, some people have a certain level of tolerance. Others detest them and cannot even stand their presence. If you are fearful of snakes, it is important to realize they are cohabitants, especially in the Southwest areas of our country. Texas alone is the home to around 76 different snake species. While many are not poisonous or dangerous, you probably still won’t want them to enter your pool area. Unexpected and unwanted snakes are often a frightening experience for most people.

– Why Are Snakes Attracted To Pool Areas?

Since snakes are cool-blooded animals, it comes as no surprise that they enjoy laying on a cool concrete surface, but this doesn’t always explain why they are attracted to pool spaces. Your pool area may have become an attractive spot for a snake to visit when:

– You are not regularly mowing your lawn or trimming your shrubs. Snakes like areas where they can hide, so unkempt overgrowth is usually a great hiding spot for snakes. Tallgrass is also attractive to mice which is one of the food sources for snakes. This is why it is best to eliminate these zones around your yard.

– If your pets are fed outdoors, you may be attracting snakes unwittingly when you leave uncovered pet food bowls lying around where a snake has access to it. Open food containers will attract pests such as rodents, which snakes love to prey on. If you prefer feeding your pets outside, remove any leftover food as soon as they finish to prevent pests such as mice or any other food source for a snake.

– Make sure there are no pools or puddles of water collecting around your yard. Snakes need hydration, and a standing water reservoir close to the ground is often a great attraction for snakes. This can include climbing apparatuses, kids’ toys, and other lawn features.

– Also, keep in mind that a snake will stay away from chemicals like chlorine since this can kill them. If a snake entered your pool, it was most likely that they were chasing a mouse, a frog, or rat, and they accidentally landed in the water.

How To Keep Your Pool Free Of Snakes

The key to stopping snakes from entering your pool area is to prevent them from coming into your yard in the first place. Keep your lawn mower to the right height, which usually means every week during the early months of summer and the spring, and then every two weeks over the hotter months of summer. Trim down your shrubbery during spring and make sure you clear out the underlying debris.

To stop snakes from getting into your pool area, look closely at your landscaping design. Keep bushes or shrubs far away from the area around your pool. This will mean the snakes have no hiding places. The majority of snakes want to steer clear of humans and animals such as dogs and cats, so if they cannot conceal themselves, then it is likely they will stay away from your pool.

Repellants For Snakes

If, after following these tips, you are still finding snakes in or around your pool, there are a few other things you can try to stop snakes from accessing your pool space.

You need to demonstrate to the snake that a human is close by. Leave things like clothing or hair lying around to stop the snakes from coming close. This is even more important at night when a snake is at its most actively searching for a food source.

You can also spray a solution of white vinegar or diluted ammonia around the pool area. Before you go to bed at night, spray some of this liquid around the outside of your pool. Snakes absorb liquids directly through their skin, which means they will avoid crossing over the surfaces that you have sprayed.

Call In The Professionals

It can be a frightening experience to discover a snake around your pool. You should always assume when finding a snake that it could be poisonous. If you find a snake and are not sure what to do, contact the pest control experts at Wildlife Removal Services in Florida to help you get rid of your snake problem.