Trapping And Removal Of Raccoon In Palm Beach County 2021

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raccoon trapping and removal in boca raton

How to Get Rid of Raccoons In Your Building

Seemingly, raccoons are cute little animals mainly because of their bandit-like mask faces and ringed tails. However, please do not fall for their innocent demeanor because raccoons can easily damage housing components and spaces like the attic. Also, raccoons can be a nuisance and a constant source of disturbance, unclean environments, and diseases.

A raccoon has incredible abilities to scale new heights and reach the attic space in your valued residential or commercial building. Naturally, raccoons are powerful animals and can easily rip open the roof of your house and break ducts in your attic. Also, raccoons have nimble-fingered hands, allowing them to open garbage bins and create a mess in your living space.

Luckily, you can hire the best raccoon removal services for your home or work premises using a few steps. Please get in touch with Wildlife Removal Services Inc. today if you’re suspect that raccoons have invaded your home or attic. Wildlife Removal Services Inc. is a full-service specialists company offering expert raccoon removal in Boca Raton and the neighboring areas like Palm Beach County and Broward County.

We only employ humane methods of trapping and removing the raccoons from your building. In addition, we provide professional repair services for the damages instigated by raccoons and other wild animals. Our full-service for wildlife removal serves the homeowners in Broward County, South Florida, and Palm Beach County.

Our full-service package for wildlife removal begins by identifying the noticeable signs of a raccoon infestation in your home or commercial space. We are always keen to identify possible loopholes and show how the raccoons gained access to the attic of your premises. We also explain why raccoons are likely to use particular spaces in your home for their habitats.

Trapping and removing the raccoons begins after determining how they gained access to your home. Next, we ensure we close down all the access points that raccoons can use to enter your building. Finally, we carefully relocate the raccoons to more appropriate habitats and immediately embark on a cleanup and refurbishment of the attic.

To get started, please call Wildlife Removal Services through (561)212-9255 and get professional guidance, services or book an inspection appointment for raccoon control in the Boca Raton area, southeast Florida.

What To Know About Raccoons In South Florida

Raccoons can be found all over South Florida. They are nearly the size of a pet cat, and each may weigh between seven and twenty pounds. Raccoons have five toes with tiny, strong, and curved claws on their feet and hands. Their short but strong claws help them climb surfaces and fiddle with objects. They have solid eyes and can see well in the dark; this is valuable when rummaging through garbage bins at night.

Raccoons’ mating season is in the spring and early summer and may last for about three months. You can expect females to give birth to three to five kits. At this time, female raccoons will seek safe spaces like the attic to deliver and raise their young ones. We get many calls for raccoon removal these times after the homeowners have spotted raccoons and heard a noise coming from their attic spaces.

Naturally, raccoons are used to living in the woods. However, they are nowadays frequenting populated urban areas in search of food sources. Also, human tendencies of feeding raccoons whenever they see them make them associate humans with food provision.

Naturally, raccoons feed on insects, fish, frogs, fruits, berries, and nuts. Moreover, a raccoon will eat almost everything a human eats. This is the reason why you may often find raccoons rummaging through your garbage bins and home garden in search of food. They will feed on any leftover food you leave outside at night, which can also attract other wildlife, including opossums and rats.

Raccoons like to shelter in your attic, especially when they are pregnant or suckling their young ones. You may also find them in your garage or beneath shed structures.

Raccoon Damage On Roof And Raccoon Damage In Attic

Raccoons are intelligent animals with a sharp memory and will often remember where you had kept food and how to open containers three years later. As long as there is food, raccoons will keep coming to your home.

It is unpleasant to clean garbage scattered around your home because raccoons have tipped over your garbage cans. However, the damage raccoons are likely to cause in your attic is worse than cleaning up trash. They often soil the attic’s insulation using fecal waste, tear up HVAC conduits, power cables, and drainage systems.  

From a health and safety perspective, you need to be concerned because raccoons can transmit rabies disease. Disease transmission to human beings is the sole reason you should not feed raccoons or come into contact with them. According to recent data, 65% of animal rabies in Florida are caused by raccoon bites or from physical contact with the animal.

Raccoons can also carry leptospirosis, intestinal parasites, and bacterial infection, resulting in liver failure, kidney damage, liver failure, and meningitis in human beings and your pets.

How To Deal With A Family Of Raccoon On Your Roof

Without requisite training, experience, and tools like the raccoon removal trapper, removing raccoons from your residential or business premises in Southeastern Florida and Boca Raton can be unsafe for anyone. Raccoons can turn violent when they feel trapped and threatened, especially if dealing with a mother raccoon with babies.

One wrong move during the raccoon removal process, and you can get scratched or bitten and require costly shots to prevent the rabies disease. It is always best to allow raccoon removal professionals in Boca Raton at WRS to help your raccoon trapping and removal mission.

How To Deal With Raccoons in Attic

Probably, you will have to deal with a mother raccoon and her babies if you are trying to trap and remove raccoons from the attic during the mating season. It is best to remove a mother raccoon and her babies from the attic by a professional.

The initial step for the WRS raccoon removal expert is to confirm the location of the main entry route to the attic and other paths raccoons can use to access the attic. After fixing all the faulty structural parts and leaving a way in and out, the professional trapper will decide the best method to use.

Usually, the best way is to chase out the adult raccoon first and immediately close that opening to stop the raccoon from going back. That way, the trapper is free to remove the young raccoon without the danger of the angry mother raccoon. Also, when the young raccoons are removed, the trapper may use them to lure the mother raccoon outside the housing structure.

The mother raccoon may not go into the trap but will likely follow her babies moved from the attic. If she cannot see that her babies have been moved from the attic maternal instincts may force her back into the attic to look for her baby raccoons, worsening the damage. Once we have securely trapped the mother raccoons and her babies, we will move them to more appropriate habitats.

Raccoon in Trap Under Eave

You may need to employ other raccoon removal methods from our Boca Raton area trappers, such as predatory animal odor in the raccoon’s nesting places. Alternatively, use a trap that is partitioned and fixed on the exit end, outside the structure. Always check your traps at least twice every day when you use them for raccoon removal, especially during hot weather.

Although rare, WRS will set up traps in the attic when outside trapping fails. WRS will begin to assess the extent of the damage after the raccoons have been removed and all openings wholly closed.

Raccoon Attic Decontamination

Cleaning up the attic space after the removal of the raccoons is essential. Decontamination of the area is necessary because raccoons can produce plenty of waste, a health hazard in the attic space. Raccoons will leave behind a lot of contaminated waste that can transmit Salmonella or leptospirosis. The question is, do you have to expose yourself to this harmful waste?

This is the part we come in as professionals. Wildlife Removal Services knows how to carefully wash away all waste by hand and using a vacuum cleaner. Next, we decontaminate the attic surface with an eco-friendly, toxic-free solution to break down the stubborn traces of feces, bacteria, and bad smells that could have remained.

It is always best to consult your homeowner’s insurance company. The insurer may be willing to meet the costs for complete attic cleanup and renovation and replace attic insulation with energy-efficient solutions.

Raccoons Like To Hide In Roofs

Completely sealing and closing all access and entry points is the best method of preventing raccoons from gaining access to your home or business place. You will have to make access completely difficult and unappealing for them.

  • Ensure your garbage cans are always locked in an enclosed shed or garage and only get them out on the day of garbage collection and not earlier.
  • Avoid leaving pet food or scraps outside the house.
  • Consider installing a motion-activated water sprinkler that will deter the raccoons.
  • Use organic, chemical-free, and safe repellants such as shake Away coyote Urine which is safe for people, plants, grass, or pets.
  • Catch Raccoons with traps

If you are looking for complete raccoon trapping and removal in Southeast Florida and Boca Raton, do not hesitate to call Wildlife Removal Services through the number (561)212-9255. We have extensive experience trapping raccoons in yards, residential houses, attics, and business places throughout Palm Beach and Broward County in South Florida.

Our service begins with an inspection of your house and building to identify the entry points and wholly close the spaces using wire mesh solid and solid enough to keep the animals outside. Whether the raccoons are out or inside the house, we will track and capture them within days. Also, we handle the trapping and removal procedures very humanely before freeing them into the wild.

If we are trapping and removing raccoons from your attic spaces, we will clean up the room/attic space and decontaminate the attic surfaces using biodegradable and toxic-free solutions.

Wildlife Removal Services is legally recognized, certified, and insured to provide 24/7 services to residential and commercial clients. Once you give us a call, we will give you a FREE, No-Obligation estimate for the professional service.

Alternatively, you can provide us with your contact form. That way, we will dispatch our team to your home/business place in Broward County, Palm Beach County, or Boca Raton. We will provide you with a solid raccoon control program to address your problem. Rest assured, you will receive top-quality services at friendly prices.