The Invasive Green Iguana – in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, and beyond

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prevent iguana infestation in 2022

Iguanas are a Menace Not a Pet!

Iguanas may look green and cute like a frog, but they could be very dangerous. Iguanas are green lizards that can grow up to five feet long with claws and sharp teeth. They carry salmonella and parasites that can cause toxoplasmosis or bowel diseases. The green iguana has been spotted in the Everglades National Park, often near trails where tourists commonly hike or bike. They are not native to Florida; they were brought in as pets several years ago, then released when they got too big for their owners to care for them.

Green iguanas are invasive and are commonly found hanging in your backyard and pool, on your fence, under the house and on top of the roof. It is hard to spot green iguanas at first because they blend into their environment. The green iguana can be spotted when it decides to sunbathe (which it does often). Green iguanas are very territorial and will attack you if threatened. They stand up straight with red around their eyes and mouth, displaying a green body color and blue legs. Only males have a large ridge along the back that females lack.

You Need a Qualified Iguana Control Expert

Contacting Wildlife Removal Services of Florida is your best solution if your residential or commercial property has been over run by the green menace, the green iguana. Wildlife Removal Services of Florida is an iguana removal company that offers the best in humane and effective green iguana control.

Green iguanas are illegal in Florida under state law because they compete with native species for food, destroy property (they can ruin everything from pool equipment to electrical wiring), and spread salmonella, which makes them a health hazard for you and your family. If you see iguanas on your property, you need to call the Wildlife Removal Services of Florida immediately. They have highly trained iguana removal technicians with over a decade of experience.

The Right Way to Perform Iguana Trapping and Removal

What we can do is humanely trap the iguanas on your property and release them in a remote area far away from your residence or commercial property. Our traps are functional, safe for both you and the animals, and most of all effective at quickly removing these pests from your yard.

If you see one or more green iguanas living on your property, there’s probably a great deal more that you just don’t happen to notice yet. Our team uses humane live cage traps to capture iguanas so that we can identify precisely how many iguanas have nested on your property.

We’ll then perform a thorough inspection of your home or business to identify entry and exit points used by the iguanas. We install one-way doors that allow us to carefully catch all of these destructive pests while allowing them to leave on their own, but not allowing new iguanas into your home. The one-way doors are carefully installed so that they cause minimal damage to your property, which is a major concern for many clients.

Do You Have an Iguana Problem?

Wildlife Removal Services of Florida has provided iguana sharpshooting services for the prestigious communities all across Palm Beach County, Coral Springs city, Miramar, Broward county and Fort Lauderdale. Most iguanas are not actively aggressive toward humans unless threatened or cornered. We have the experience necessary to deal with these types of situations so that they do not become dangerous for your family.

We specialize in the removal of iguanas as well as other nuisance wildlife. We can remove all animals from your property, and remove animal waste if required.

Our iguana removal services include:

– Trapping – Removal – Transportation – Relocation – Setting traps (if necessary) – Sharpshooting, and dealing with all other issues relating to iguana infestations on private properties, and commercial properties such as apartment complexes, hotels, businesses etc.

We service Broward County 24/7 , including Palm Beach county for any wildlife problem you may have! For example if you are suffering from a raccoon problem we also offer raccoon trapping services which includes raccoon repellents that will prevent raccoons from returning to your residence for good. It doesn’t matter what critters have invades your property, our wildlife removal service specializes in serving Broward County and Palm Beach County, Florida with the best iguana trapping solutions.

We can help you resolve any iguana issues today! Call us at 561-212-9255 to schedule an appointment for iguana trapping or to receive expert advice on how to get rid of iguanas fast.