Why Peacock Removal is needed in Palm Beach County

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Peacock Removal Service

Why Peacock Trapping & Removal is Needed

There has been an increase in home disturbances within the South Florida area due to a drastic rise in the peacock population, disturbing the peace, and causing havoc for homeowners and businesses alike. Because of these rising disturbances, the Broward and Palm Beach County areas have seen a rise in the demand for professional peacock removal services.

Complete and effective peacock control can be provided by Wildlife Removal Services of Florida, who offers expert removal and trapping solutions! Peacocks are rather intelligent birds and can create many problems for building owners throughout South Florida every year. We are experts in providing the correct solutions for peacock removal. We will use the proper applications available to control the problem best suited for your needs and budget. These services include peacock trapping and peacock control.

Peacocks Can Cause Significant Damages

A peacock will not leave before doing significant damage to your property. Once the peacocks are removed, the nests and droppings will need to be sanitized and removed as well to lower the chances of them coming back.

You are Scarier than a Peacock

Special skills are not required to scare away a peacock. Although they are known to be causes for great disturbances, they are also known to be simple to control, making peacock removal an easy task that can be performed by anyone. To frighten a peacock away, one needs to make the peacock feel threatened by the possibility of an attack from predator birds like a hawk. Purchasing hawk kites and installing them on your property is an efficient way to scare peacocks away from your home.

Keep Peacocks Off my Vehicles

Peacocks have an irritating tendency to perch on and cause scratches and other damages to the bodies of automobiles, which can become expensive to repair and repaint. Peacocks have been known to attack their reflection they see on cars because they assume that the reflection is a rival male after their territory. When the reflection fails to fight back, the peacock will become agitated and enraged. For an effective removal method, we advise that car owners in Florida use protective covers to prevent unwanted scratches or damage.

Keeping Peacocks Off Your Property

Peacocks have an attraction to home porches, so it is important to know how to remove them from your porch. Peafowls will be attracted to porches if they can find a leftover pet or animal food. It is vital to properly clear away leftovers from your pet food or your own meal that a peacock might want to feed on later. If you fail to do so, then peafowls and peacocks will remain perched near or on your porch with the expectation of receiving more leftover food in the future.

How Effective is Peacock Trapping?

Trapping peacocks has proven to be the most efficient removal method and population control while removing the nuisance from your home and garden. You will need a considerably large trap to capture the peacock without harming the poultry in case transporting it will take a long time. Using cereal or pollen grains as bait will go far in trapping the peacock. You might need to put a little bit of effort in directing the bird towards the trap if it were to become problematic.

A Better Peacock Trapping & Removal Service

The professionals at Wildlife Removal Services of Florida have certified wildlife specialists trained in bird removal. A bird removal expert can safely and effectively remove peacocks from your property as well as sanitize the area to aid against further infestation. Give us a call to request a free inspection and estimate. You can get rid of your peacock problem today with a single phone call. Wildlife Removal Services of Florida It also provides bird spikes, repellent, and other solutions for your needs.