How Long Do Snakes Live in South Florida?

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how long do snakes live

How Long do Snakes Live?

The Snake lifespan can significantly vary depending on the snake’s subspecies. For many snakes, living in nature versus human captivity will affect the longevity of the snake’s life. 

Here are examples that include:

  • Brown snakes:

    While they die young in nature, they can sometimes live up to seven years.

  • Garter snakes:

    These snakes often survive for twenty years in captivity but only for two in the wild.

  • Eastern hognose:

    Eastern hognose snakes lifespans are roughly eleven years at most.

  • The Kingsnake:

    A snake that can survive five years in nature, but often over thirty years when kept in captivity.

  • The Black Racer Snake:

    A black racer snakes lifespan can last about ten years on average.

  • Copperhead:

    These pesty snakes can live in the wilderness up to fifteen years, but can live twice as long in captivity.

There are so many things that can affect a snake’s lifespan in the wild. For example, some predators, climate change, food supply, and other factors can reduce or lengthen a snakes life.

snake lifespan

baby rat snake hatching from egg.

When Do Snakes Reach Maturity?

Snakes reach “puberty roughly around four or five years of age, which can be longer than some snakes live. Some snake species, like black rat snakes, much later in life closer to eight years of age. This is about the time that snakes will lay their eggs and bring offspring into the world.

Problems in the Snakes Lifespan

In your garden or pool, snakes are quite harmless in few numbers. Don’t be mistaken; snakes can still cause many problems for a home or property owner. The property damage is never extensive; snakes will often hide in under sticks and leaves. When a snake is scared or backed into a corner, that is when they are going to attack. Unfortunately, even venomous snakes will take shelter in your home. This can result in unexpected dangers in the middle of the night when you’re walking around your house.

Snake Removal Boca Raton

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