How to Remove Snake From Garage (2020)

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how to remove snake from garagehow to remove snake from garage

Get That Snake Out Of Your Garage!

As natural predators, snakes hunt insects and small rodents. These insects and small rodents may find their way into your garage if there are open containers of birdseed or pet food. A garage with insects and rodents is a great hunting ground for a snake. Snakes may also be attracted to garages on hot days. An open garage is ideal for a snake who wants to cool down and curl up under lumber or piles of junk.

How Did The Snake Get In The Garage?

Snakes can be resourceful and can find their way into garages through open doors or a crack in the wall. However, if there is an open window or loose roof tiles, they can get in that way, too. Other ways snakes can enter your garage are through loose boards, small openings surrounding pipes, and garage doors that aren’t adequately sealed.

Is There A Snake In My Garage?

If you want to know if there is a snake in your garage, look for snake skins. These are often left behind as the snake goes through the molting process. You can also look on your driveway on a warm, sunny day because reptiles will take advantage of the heat. Another sign is rodent infestations since snakes prey on them.

Snake Prevention: Yard Maintenance

Keeping your yard adequately maintained can help you keep snakes out of your garage and yard. Snakes like thick foliage, shrubs, and bushes that you may have surrounding your home. This gives them a great place to hide and rest right near your home. Also, by keeping your grass cut and shrubs trimmed, you can spot snakes in your yard. You also want to keep your garden maintained. Snakes like debris and leaves and will set up residence if given a chance.

Tall, thick grass is something that is sought after in some parts of the country, especially in the South. While it may look attractive to you, it is also appealing to snakes. Not only does tall grass attract snakes, but it also attracts rodents and insects. With tall grass, you are providing the perfect place for insects, rodents, and snakes. And if they are near your home, they may try to get into your home.

Get The Snake Out Of My Garage

It is essential that people who are untrained or inexperienced with snake-handling stay away from wild snakes. While not all snakes are poisonous, a bite from any snake can be quite painful and cause severe infection. If you find a snake has taken up residence in your garage, the best thing to do is call the professionals. A wildlife control service specializes in snake removal. At Trutech, our snake removal experts can help remove snakes from your property and then safeguard your garage and the rest of your home so you can avoid snake problems in the future.