24 Hour Snake Removal in Palm Beach County (Recommended)

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24 hour snake removal near me

Snake Removal & Control

Are you looking for the best snake removal & control services in Boca Raton? Wildlife Removal Services should be your first contact. We handle snake removal and control in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas.

Snakes are often found around your home, especially in the front or back yard. You need to be careful handling these snakes because some are venomous. At Wildlife Removal Services, we offer a free 24 hour snake identification hotline for all the residents of Boca Raton and the nearby areas.

Snakes In Your Home

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the snakes in your home. It is quite unsettling when you imagine the snakes slithering around your house and the backyard. You should know that snakes are excellent at climbing.

They are not confined to low ground and always take advantage of trees, bushes or any branches overlapping your roof. They can also use mortar lines between the brick to move up into the house. If you have gutter spouts, the snakes will use those to access the attic openings.

Whether high or low, snakes will use these areas to access food. They are looking for birds, rats, mice and squirrels as well as any other small rodents to eat. Snakes follow scents to trail these small animals and eat them. Once they get into your home, they will go into the attic insulation, walls or crawlspaces to get food.

Well, if you are worried of the presence of snakes in your home, you need to call us to handle the removal and control process. Contact the top specialists at Wildlife Removal Services so we can provide the best snake removal and control services in your home.

Snakes In The Yard

If you spot any snakes in your yard, you don’t need to panic. You should know that snakes are beneficial to have in your home. You should leave them alone since they are just passing by your yard. Note that, snakes will help control your rodent population so they are also beneficial in your yard.

However, if the snake comes too close to your pets or children, removal is very important. Of course, you need to identify if there are bird nests in the trees or shrubs inside your home. Also, there could be some debris or vegetation growth creating a good place for snakes to shelter.

If you notice snakes trying to get into your home, you might have a rodent infestation in your attic or crawlspace. You need to remove all these issues to make sure that snakes don’t get into your home but remain in your yard. Even better, take advantage of our snake identification page to find out what type of snakes are in your yard.

Our Snake Control Services

Are you looking for snake control and removal services? Please call us now. We will visit your home and do some research to identify whether there are actually snakes in your home. We will do this by checking the skins, droppings, the type of rodents the snakes are after and if there are any openings in your home where they might gain access.

Also, if we spot the snakes, it’s a definite sign that you need the removal services immediately. We have the best snake removal and control specialists to help out. We are ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have about snakes in your compound.

Snakes In The Attic

You should start noticing more snake activity in or around your home from early March all the way to November. Most snake bites are reported between March and October but it depends on the geographical location. For instance, the areas with seasonal warm climates, snake activity will be reported all year round.

Snakes are diurnal and are seen during the day when the temperatures are warm. However, some snake species are nocturnal and move at night if the temperatures are conducive. That’s when you will notice them moving in and out of your home.

When people contact us for snake removal services, we usually go to the attic first. During numerous of our visits, we have come across multiple live snakes in the attic. When this happens, we remove them and search the area for more snakes. When we return the next day, we will most likely find more snakes, especially if it’s during the mating season.

What You Need To Know About Snake Behavior

In most cases, we get calls to remove non-venomous snakes. However, if you can’t identify the snakes, it’s a good idea not to mess with them. Always keep your distance and contact us immediately.

Snakes are very good at finding food sources. If you notice one flickering the tongue, it is tasting the air to identify prey or food in the area. If there is any scent in the air, the snake will track it to find the food source.

Trapping Snakes

If you choose to trap the snakes on your own, you should be able to find a few traps in the market. However, only a few of these are effective. Rather than risking your life, especially in the presence of a venomous snake, you need to let us, the professionals, handle it.

We use humane methods to remove the snakes from your compound and ensure that your home is safe and sound. We can make sure the snakes don’t harm anyone in the family and your pets. With our snake trapping methods, we can always come back and change the method if nothing has been found.

Call us today for the best snake removal and control methods for your home!