Raccoon Problem

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Raccoon Problem keeping you up at night? Not to worry! You have found experts and we will handle your raccoon problem with the utmost professionalism. When you have a raccoon problem, we know it can really disrupt your way of life. With that being said, we are happy to help you get rid of these masked critters once and for all!

When dealing with a raccoon problem, it is important to be very careful. If the raccoon problem gets out of hand, they tend to get aggressive. Don’t try to deal with the raccoon problem yourself unless you have experience in handling them. These animals can be very dangerous and your raccoon problem can turn into a hospital visit if you are not careful! Having a raccoon problem doesn’t mean you just have raccoons in or around your home, but rather that you have the potential of getting scratched or bitten if you interact with the animal by mistake. Feeding a raccoon is a big no-no and can actually bring on a raccoon problem! If you are feeding raccoons, please know that you are adding to the raccoon problem and you should stop doing that as soon as possible.

Upon coming out to deal with your raccoon problem we make sure to bring traps that will help us in catching them. If we are dealing with a raccoon problem that involves a family of the critters, we try to catch the babies first. Once we catch the babies, it is easier to capture the mother. Using a baby raccoon in a trap is a sure fire way to capture the mother. All we do is get a trap that has a tripping mechanism in front of a separator in the cage containing the baby and wait for the mother to come to the removal. She will be trapped and your raccoon problem will be solved!

Having a raccoon problem is not a fun experience and can be dangerous if not dealt with properly. We have heard of people having a raccoon problem and letting it go on until a family member or pet is attacked! This can really become dangerous if not dealt with right away so make sure to have a professional come out and handle your raccoon problem as soon as possible! When we get a call about a raccoon problem, we rush on over because we know that having a raccoon problem can really have a negative impact on your life while it is happening.