Rodent Traps

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Rodent traps not getting the job done? You might not be setting them up right! Set your rodent traps up the correct way with these helpful tips! If you don’t know how to properly set up your traps, you will after reading these tips! Take our advice and become a professional at catching rodents!

• Make sure you are using the right rodent traps for the job! If you have mice, you can use mice traps, but when you have rats, the rodent traps meant for mice are going to be too small to kill rats!
• Don’t forget to put your traps down in the spots that you know rats are actively roaming in! You should make sure to put them in dark corners, areas that you see rat droppings, along walls, and even behind your appliances. These are the perfect places to lay your traps down.
• When laying the traps out, make sure to put them around 15 to 20 feet apart. If you can, make it so the traps are touching a wall as well because rats typically feel safer running along the bottoms of walls.
• Baiting traps with peanut butter is a good idea! Rodents cannot resist the peanut buttery goodness!
• Get the rodents used to having the traps around by placing unset traps out for a couple of weeks before setting them. Allowing them to take food from the unset traps makes it so when you set up the rodent traps, they will be fooled into thinking they are harmless!
• Position your rodent traps to make it so the rodents will run over them on their natural paths. That way, the traps will be sure to get the job done!
• Avoid using glue rodent traps because they are not humane! Snap traps are better to use because they instantly kill the rodents without making them suffer. Also, glue rodent traps tend to allow the rodents to escape! Pointless!

Now that you have read our rodent trap advice, you will be able to effectively deal with your rodent problem!