Rat Trap

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Rat Trap Tips

1. When you want to use a rat trap to catch rats, you need to ensure that you are dealing with rats. If you are dealing with rats, just know that a mouse trap is not going to kill a rat.
2. Lay rat trap down in areas that you know to be highly active with the rats. We suggest laying them in darker corners, behind appliances, areas where you see rat droppings, and along walls.
3. Use a lot of a rat traps! Do not be frugal with these contraptions! You may think you only need a couple, but the truth is the rat population is usually bigger than you think!
4. You’re going to want to space the rat traps between 15 and 20 feet apart. Make sure they are touching a wall because they like to run along the bottom of walls.
5. Make sure to put the rat trap in a position that makes it likely that rats will scamper over them while walking their normal paths. Set the rat trap at a right angle from the wall, making it so the trigger end is nearly touching the wall.
6. Place unset rat traps around for a week or two prior to setting up set ones. Rats are nervous around new objects so putting the rat trap out for a bit before setting them up can increase your chances of catching them.
7. Acclimating the rats to the rat trap can be done by putting out unset rat traps with bait in them. Once you notice your rat trap food is gone, start setting them up to catch the rats.
8. Baiting your rat trap can be done with peanut butter. Peanut butter is irresistible to rats.
9. Don’t use glue rat traps. Glue rat traps don’t work well and typically result in fur being left on the glue rat trap and the rat getting away. This type of rat trap is also rather inhumane.
10. Snap trap rat traps instantly kill rats, making them the most humane method. This type of rat trap is easy to set up and super versatile as well.
11. If the snap trap rat trap does not work to get rid of all of your rats, try using the live animal trap. This is good for the more intelligent rats that will not get caught in a snap trap rat trap.