Raccoon Control

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Raccoon control may seem impossible if you are not experienced in getting rid of them, but to be honest, it’s easier than you might think. Having a raccoon in your home is never fun but with professionals like us on hand, we’ll help you with your raccoon removal and get your home back! These masked critters are typically found throughout the urban areas rather than the wild so it’s common to see them roaming the streets. With that being said, gaining raccoon control is possible when taking some precautions. Check out this list of raccoon service tasks and fallacies that can make the difference between having raccoons making their home around your home and being raccoon free!

• Keeping raccoons out of your yard is a nice thought but this is rather difficult to do. These creatures can get over most fences so that’s not the best idea for raccoon control. Motion water sprayers can work, although raccoons don’t always leave when they are installed. The best way to go about raccoon control is to trap and relocate them. We suggest contacting raccoon specialists such as us to handle these animals because they can be rather dangerous!
• Raccoon control can’t be achieved with raccoon repellent so don’t buy it! This stuff sounds good in theory, but when trying to gain raccoon removal, it comes up short.
• Raccoons in your garbage cans? Obtain raccoon control with raccoon proof lids (tie them down using bungee cords). If that doesn’t work, leave them in the garage or lock them up. Raccoon control means no feeding these masked animals!
• You also might have heard of a high-pitch noise machine that the makers claim can get rid of raccoons, but it doesn’t work. The FTC has even issued a warning because even though some people are not able to hear the machine, a lot of your neighbors might! This machine does not help with raccoons anyway so save your money!

When dealing with raccoons, you cannot let them take control of your life! Tired of cleaning up trash? Sick of being intimidated by these animals? Gain the raccoon control you need and contact us! We can handle any raccoon problem by setting up some traps and relocating them to an area far away from your home! Raccoon removal is only a phone call away and we’ll make sure to handle the problem as fast as possible! Get the raccoon control you desire by trusting raccoon control specialists!