Removing Raccoons

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Raccoon Removal

Removing Raccoons can be dangerous so we recommend you contact the professionals when trying to deal with a raccoon problem. As professionals, we know that raccoons requires some finesse and knowledge about them. These critters can get very aggressive when corned so even if you do end up thinking you might try your luck at removing the raccoons, just know that it could end up in a hospital visit! Removal of raccoons has resulted in injury before and we would rather you not become a part of that statistic! Contact us! We have experience in removing any raccoons and will come out as soon as possible to handle your raccoon problem so you don’t have to!
When removing any raccoons it is important to know how to capture them. Trapping is one of the best ways for removing raccoons, but there are some crazy people that do it by hand! We are not the crazy people removing raccoons and catching them by hand, but we will set up some traps! Removing raccoons from your home by way of traps is one of the most humane ways to go about doing this. If the raccoons have made holes in your home and are inside, we set the raccoon traps up so the raccoons have no choice but to walk into the trap when they are trying to leave. With the traps, we can also use them if they are baited. The best bait to use is a baby raccoon because the mother will have no choice but to come to the baby’s removal. Once the raccoons are trapped, removing raccoons from the trap is the difficult part. They tend to get aggressive when they are trapped and with them not knowing we are only trying to help them, the raccoons can get violent.
If we are removing raccoons from your home, just know that you are in good hands. Removing raccoons is one of our animal control specialties and when removing raccoons, it is important to know what you are doing. Avoiding injury comes first, but removing raccoons is definitely a priority. If you are in need of someone that knows the ins and outs of removing raccoons, just know that we are the guys to call and we’ll be there as fast as we can to help with your raccoon problem in a fast and professional manner!