Rats In Attic

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Rats In Attic

Rats In attic spaces can be really difficult to deal with, but we do it all the time. Rats are found throughout Florida and with us lacking basements, one of the common calls we get are for rats in Attic rooms. Rats love to climb and typically are not found on the ground, so rats in attic rooms are more common than one might imagine! Getting rid of rats in attic spots can be tricky, but there are a lot of ways this can be done!

Rats in attic spots are common and this is because they have a lot of places they can go. Imagine seeing rats scurrying behind all of your accumulated stuff. Rats in attic clutter can be a real problem! If you have rats in attic rooms, you’re going to want to clean your attic. Cleaning and sanitizing the attic can get rats in attic rooms to vacate the premises. These pests are known to communicate via scent so if you do not sanitize and deodorize the attic after getting rid of the attic rats, other rats are likely to return.

After cleaning your attic, you’re going to want to seal your rat entry points. Close these entry points up permanently to make it so the rats in attic spaces are unable to come and go as they please. We typically look throughout the attic and find any openings that are 1/2” or bigger to seal up.

Now that the rat entry points are sealed, the rats in attic need to be exterminate. There are a couple of ways you can go about getting rid of the rats in attic areas. We have seen glue boards used, but they don’t work so well. These do not usually catch the rats but rather result in the rats having some fur stuck to the trap. Also, when a rat gets stuck to a glue trap and gets out, it will not go back to it. We suggest either getting a cat to get the rats in attic areas or even snap rattraps. Cats are nice to have and they tend to handle the rats in attic spaces but if you are not a cat person, we definitely suggest the snap traps! These rattraps fit in smaller areas and are super effective! Just bait them, leave them throughout the area, and watch as you catch and kill rats in attic areas with ease!

Another thing you can do to get rid of rats in attic areas is keep your vegetation trimmed. With rats being such good climbers and loving heavy vegetation, they can climb the trees and vegetation that are close to your home and go from being rats outside to rats in attic rooms so keep it trimmed!

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