Rat Control

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With Rat Control there are a couple of steps and a bunch of tactics that can be used to ensure you will have your rat infestation properly dealt with. If you’ve had rats before, you know just how important Rat Control can be. Throughout the USA, you’ll see the Norway Rat as well as the Roof Rat making their homes within ours, making Rat Control a necessity. Rat Control can be accomplished with a bit of hard work and perseverance and while it may seem tiresome, it is worth it to gain control over your domain. Follow these steps to achieve the Rat Control you desire.

The first thing you are going to want to do for Rat Control is sanitize your home, give it a thorough search, and seal up all rat entry points.

• Sanitizing your home will help with Rat Control by ensuring there is no food for the rats. This can also help decrease the likelihood of finding rat droppings! Who doesn’t like a clean house? Rats… That’s who!

• Achieving Rat Control by giving your home a thorough look over is done by finding out where the rats are living. This can be tricky, but there are some telltale signs that will indicate where these pests are hiding. Rat droppings, chewed wires, and even paw prints on the walls can show you where the rat borough is. This will definitely give you the upper hand when you are trying to accomplish Rat Control!

• When sealing up rat entry points throughout your home, you are taking one of the best steps you can take in Rat Control. This assists in banishing rats by closing off the spots that they usually will come inside. The fact is that rats are bigger than mice, meaning they cannot enter smaller spaces. To make sure rats cannot get inside, you should seal up any opening that is bigger than ½”.

o Copper mesh works great to stuff inside of openings such as the openings found where wires and pipes go into siding or foundation. This stuff really works great for Rat Control.
o You can also use PUR Black Gun Foam to achieve your desired Rat Control. This stuff is moisture-curing foam and it is great for sealing off entry points for a variety of pests.
After you sanitize, thoroughly look throughout the rat infested home, and seal up the rat entry points, you want to achieve further Rat Control by Baiting or Trapping them.

• Trapping is definitely the smartest way to go about gaining Rat Control because you will be avoiding spreading poison throughout your home. This is a good option especially if you have children or pets. When a rat population isn’t huge, you can get rid of your rat infestation pretty fast if you do this right.

• Rodenticides can be used to make it so the you won’t have to worry about Rat Control over your home, but this can really complicate things. We know that they can help gain Rat Control, but there is a risk if you have children or pets. This also makes it so the rats can take the poison and die somewhere else in your home, leaving a decaying odor as a result.

No one wants to have a rat control their lives, let alone a rat infestation! So make sure to follow these steps and you should be able to gain control over your rat problem!