Lake Worth has had plenty of cases of bee and rat infestations and with this being known, it is important to look for signs of either of these pests.

Act Fast with Bee Removal in Lake Worth

Handling this problem quickly will prevent damage to your home and family and make the removal process faster and more effective.

Bees are very dangerous

Bees are more dangerous than rats, especially if you find out your property has been invaded by Africanized Honeybees. Their stings are extremely painful and if they swarm, they can be deadly. There are dozens of cases a year of swarming Africanized Honeybees hospitalizing people. If you are in doubt, call a reputable wildlife removal service.

Rats are stealthy and dangerous

Rats on the other hand are typically afraid of people. This means they do not usually pose a direct threat. However, if they are living in your home or business, they can bring disease and even ruin a lot of your stuff. These pests can get into your dry storage in your kitchen and wreak havoc on it. You might even find claw or gnaw marks on stuff throughout your home. These rodents have been known to cause a lot of damage and with that being known, they are a problem that should be dealt with in a fast manner.