Fort Lauderdale has seen an increase in the number of cases involving bees and rats.

Bee Prompt with Bee Removal in Fort Lauderdale

It seems as though people don’t notice their bee problem until it has progressed to a point that it has become dangerous. Living in Fort Lauderdale, we have made peace with our black and yellow friends. Most of the time, we see bee infestations that have been going on for quite some time.

Routinely check your home for bees

Knowing this, it is important for Fort Lauderdale residents to routinely check around their homes and businesses for bees. They are important to our ecosystem and it is important to keep them safe from harm, but it is also important to keep yourself safe from harm and have a professional who removes bees in Fort Lauderdale remove them from your property safely and humanely.

Hire a trained bee removal professional

If you find a bee problem, it is best to contact professionals to handle it because they can be dangerous. Africanized Honeybees have been known to swarm and kill people so there is good reason to avoid handling the problem yourself.

Rat infestations can be done by yourself safely, but its normally best to have a trained professional remove rats from your home to avoid the chance of getting bitten and falling ill, or not completely removing all rats from your home.