If you’ve ever seen bees or rats in Deerfield Beach, you’re definitely not alone! These pests are becoming more and more common. With bees, you’ll typically find them building nests outside of your home or business. Africanized bees can be very dangerous and have even been known to kill people! Getting rid of a bee problem is important, especially if you are allergic. Bee allergies can add to the risk of having bees around. With rats, you’ll typically notice signs of them rather than actually seeing the pests. These vermin are stealthy and know how to get around a house without being detected. Look for rat droppings and bite marks on wood, wires, or other materials around your home. If you see your food is getting eaten, you can almost always be certain rats are behind it. Getting rid of either of these pests is something that should be left to the professionals and doing so will ensure your safety.