Boynton Beach residents are constantly living with the fear that bees or rats will plague their home and for good reason. It seems as though more infestations than ever are occurring, making it necessary for a professional to come in to handle these problems.

Bee Removal in Boynton Beach, Florida

Bees can be very dangerous and we’ve heard of some cases in which they have even killed people! If the bees are Africanized Honeybees, it is wise to stay far away from them and have professional bee removal experts handle them.

Rat Removal in Boynton

With rats, you’re in less danger, but they can still be harmful to you and your home. Rats are fairly common in Boynton Beach, but are easy to remove by a trained professional.

Rat Related Diseases & Illnesses

Rats carry a variety of diseases that can make your family and pets sick. The major cause of rat-related illness is when their feces get into your food or water supply. This can happen in sinks, on soda cans kept in an open area where a rat can reach it. Almost any surface that handles food or that you touch before handling food can potentially carry rat feces into your food or water.

Where Do Rats Like To Hide?

The most common place we find rats is in the kitchen, but they can live anywhere. They really enjoy living in attics, but that’s not high enough to escape professional rat trappers and rat removers. We do a comprehensive search around your home. Rats leave lots of clues to their presence and we can follow them through your home and set the appropriate traps to capture and remove rats humanely and safely.

We are Boynton Beach’s first choice for Rat Removal. Give us a call so we can help you take control of your home today.